Looking for new friends looking to lose over 100 lbs w/ me



  • WifedUpMartin
    WifedUpMartin Posts: 167 Member
    Anyone else on here feel free to add me as well! I'm ALWAYS looking for supportive, motivating, and active friends! I'm pretty active on here and have a long way to go (I've broken my goal down so my ticker says I only have 60 pounds until my goal, but that is only part two. I started at 340 and am down to around 285). My goal is to be around 160-170.
  • sbrock76
    sbrock76 Posts: 24 Member
    I have ~90lbs to lose...down almost 30 so far (a little slow going...has taken about 5 months.) But I'm a firm believer in slow and steady wins the race. I lost 101 lbs about 6 years ago fast paced and I regained 80 of it because I was burned out. Trying a better approach this time with MFP!

    Anyone can feel free to add me! Good luck everyone!!
  • I, too, have 100 lbs to lose so feel free to add me! Anybody can add me if they want! :-)
  • Unicornlover
    Unicornlover Posts: 101 Member
    I also have 100 pounds to lose. This is definitely not an easy journey to be on, and I love that there are so many supportive people here on MFP. I love to encourage others as well. Anyone can send me a friend request. :-)