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Hey! I'm new to type 2 diabetes - not MFP. Just got diagnosed on Tuesday. I've been fighting it for years and it really is my genetics. All of my siblings have it and I'm the last one...of course, I held it off until my mid 40's and my sibs were diagnosed in their 30's. So, I got that going for me.

I'm not overweight (upper range BMI, but I'm muscly) and I'm very, very active. I run A LOT - trail, half-marathon, marathon and I'm trying to get into Ultra, but hurt my knee. And do a lot of hot power yoga, swimming, hiking, etc when I'm not running.

Wasn't a huge carb consumer before I got diagnosed (averaged 125/day), but my doctor has just put me on 50 carbs a day. Because my FBS is SOOOOO high. (And I ran 3.5 miles to her office for my fasting blood work in hopes of getting my numbers down.)

I also have Celiac Disease (really, diagnosed and confirmed with biopsy).

I'd love to have some friends who can help me navigate my new lifestyle. Especially how to marathon train on so few carbs...it's a good thing my knee has me on the sidelines this week - but I'm running Ragnar NWPassage in 4 weeks and I'm freaking out.


  • Hi, I am a diabetic as well and looking for some friends to support me on fitness pal. I an not new to the app but I bounce on and off primarily due to losing interest. All my friends have fallen off. I am really looking to improve my health and fitness. Please add me as a friend.
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    Thanks!!! Look forward to your friendship! :-)
  • An excellent book for people with diabetes who enjoy physical activity like marathons or Ragnar events is The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook by Sheri Colberg. Also, talk with your doctor and get a referral to a registered dietitian who can help you figure out a meal plan that manages diabetes and allows you to continue running. There are several world-class athletes with diabetes, and if they can compete and manage diabetes, so can you! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Thanks, Lynn! I will definitely get that book!!! :-)
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    I think a ketogenic diet would work well. You can eat about 65-70% of your cals from fat, keep your carbs low, and moderate protein. Since you aren't trying to lose weight, your body will burn the fat you eat for energy. You will not be hungry, and you will feel energetic. 50 carbs should be 50 net carbs...meaning carbs after you subtract fiber and any sugar alcohols. 50 carbs total is almost NOTHING, but 50 net carbs would allow you to eat a ton of healthy vegetables, whole eggs, some dairy, some fruits, and nuts. You know, healthy food.
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    Thanks for the advice, S! I'll definitely look at the ketogenic diet for recipes, etc. I'm already a pretty healthy eater before I got diagnosed with diabetes because I was already pre-diabetic.

    But I also double-checked with my doctor and it's definitely 50 total carbs. Not sure if you're diabetic, but when trying to regulate blood sugar every carb gets counted. Here's an article that explains why: http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/1104/net-carb-alert-diabetics.php

    One of the main reasons I'm keeping my carbs down is because I've got hyperinsulinism (which is a super-bad combo with high blood sugar) and I'm trying to stop getting my insulin from being twice what it's supposed to be.
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    I also am a recently diagnosed type 2. So far I have been relatively fortunate. I've taken to grazing more than eating. That way I am not really fighting hunger and it seems to be keeping my BG more level. Also taking a diabetic multivitamin, which also seems to boost my energy.

    I just did a quick search on the ketogenic marathon training. Seems like a ton of information out there. Good luck.
  • Hi everyone, I was also recently (yesterday) diagnosed with Type 2. I am so glad to find this forum. Today, I have been kind of at a loss as to what I have in my house that's appropriate to eat. I found the Food Diary, that will be a life saver! I need to lose weight, so this will be big help.
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    Hi everyone, I was also recently (yesterday) diagnosed with Type 2. I am so glad to find this forum. Today, I have been kind of at a loss as to what I have in my house that's appropriate to eat. I found the Food Diary, that will be a life saver! I need to lose weight, so this will be big help.

    Everyone is different which is the first thing you should learn as a diabetic. I am quite unlike the OP in that it seems for me, so far anyway, exercise has been the key to managing my BG and disease. Weightloss has helped as well but it was well under control when still obese because of exercise. I don't exactly avoid carbs, I do somewhat though. I eat white rice, drink beer, can eat wheat flour pancakes with maple syrup, ice cream and many other high carb foods and still have controlled BG. However and this is key I exercise, lots. I ride a bike. 740 miles so far this month, that equals 54 hours through yesterday. I am also losing weight. Tracking what you eat and measuring BG is not just a good idea but will teach you how you respond to different carbs.

    OP, sorry i'm late to the conversation but the fist South Beach Diet book is a good read.
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    Same here - went in for annual office exam in May, came home with dx diabetes but just borderline so no meds and my only instructions from my doc was to lose 10 punds before follow up visit in August. I got a referral to a nutritionist so ins. pays and based on my bmi she set my daily calories at 1400 and carb counting. 45 for breakfast, 15 for snack, 45 for lunch, 15 for snack, 45 for dinner. I've steadily lost weight but I have also picked up exercise by adding one work out a week and a weekly yoga session. 50 carbs a day seems really really low.

    I noticed as soon as I started carb counting that I started feeling better right away. I can't do cheat days, or binges or fasts like some dieters on this site because it will make my blood sugar either spike or go too low which over time can damage organs and eyes. So this isn't a diet for me it is the way I will have to eat for the rest of my life. I've been feeling sorry for myself lately, don't know why.
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    im type 2 and was taking 49 units of insulin a night and in 3 weeks I am taking 22 units a night all because of the PALEO diet..its amazing..

    just ask me...I wont shut up!

  • I'm new to this cite and to type 2 diabetes. Family genetics have finally caught up with me at 69 yrs. My daughter told me about MyFitnessPal. I live in Wa. state. April 2014 was when I started keeping track of food and BG. So far I've lost 6 lbs. I'm trying to keep up on the exercise routine of working out at least 3/4 days a week at the local fitness club. I joined the day I was diagnosed. I have another daughter who takes care of an older couple that have diabetes. She keeps me under control and checks my logbook, then lectures me on food choices. Hopefully I will be able to stay off insulin for a long, long time.
  • It's great that you have such supportive daughters who are willing to help you stick with your goals. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    I sent everyone a friend request. :-) Thanks so much for the support! If you didn't get a friend request from me, send me one.
  • Hello everyone.. I just found out that my multivitamins from GNC aren't good for diabetics?? so I made an apt with my doc to find out why they would effect me. I just joined this site to control my weight. I'm trying to make time for exercise, but I like the fact that I have my own personal food journal. it helps keep me on track. always looking for good diabetic snacks, friendly conversations and support from you all. take care and good luck to all=))
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    Recently diagnosed T2D here too. Glad to be friends with anyone on the thread!

    I'm not a distance runner, but have found that 20-30 minutes of some exercise each morning really helps keep things in check, so I'm using this site to log my workouts to help keep it up. Also started keeping a food diary to get my diet more balanced. Have always been a big carb hound and need to figure out how to get away from that!
  • Im a pre diabetic, hoping to loose all the weight I can
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    Hey everyone. I've had type 2 for a couple years now. It's a constant struggle for me because even if I start losing weight I tend to injure myself easily. I also love carbs, sweets you name the things that they tell you not to eat I love! I'm rereading the information I was given at my diagnosis to try and find a way to stick with the proper foods and hopefully get some of this weight off again. Then maybe I can come off part of the meds they have me on. Right now it's metformin and glimiperide(newly added). I was doing good with getting the BS under control then my last blood draw my levels had gone up again (both A1c and FBS).
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    Hey everyone. I've had type 2 for a couple years now...

    Just curious - what's that a picture of in your profile? :)