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Hi my name is Shirley and I am 67 years old. My daughter Kim introduced me to myfitnesspal. I am a mom with three grown daughters and three sons. I have eight grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. My youngest son is a quadriplegic due to a drunk driver hitting him and snapping his brain stem. I have been taking care of him for the last 24 years.

Due to health problems and my daughter getting on to me I have decided to lose these extra pounds I have gained. She is my support system and we are working on this together as she is a member here as well.


  • kimberlyamat5
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    Hi Mom!!!! I loves ya
  • cuckoo_jenibeth
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    So many of us here to support one another! Feel free to friend me.
    You too, Kim!
  • jwat90
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    I'd love to add you to my friends! By reading your story I can tell you are definitely a strong person that can do anything she puts her mind to and commit to something long term. I know you can do this. I'd love to have you in my corner. Friend request sent! :smile:
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    Looks to me like you're already beautiful inside and out, but at least you can be healthier when your daughter gets her degree. :smile:
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    Congratulations on joining. You deserve to do something for yourself, you are a very caring Mom. Your kids should be proud.