UK'ers where you at?!



  • laurenpjokl
    laurenpjokl Posts: 118 Member
    I'm currently in Nottinghamshire, just added you. :)
  • Sonj1973
    Sonj1973 Posts: 188 Member
    Hi there I'm from S****horpe, Lincolnshire :) feel free to add me :)
  • martinishaken
    martinishaken Posts: 6 Member

    Im from just outside of London - lost a stone so far but seemed to have maintained last few weeks.......want to lose at least another stone maybe 2 lol

  • Jim_G10
    Jim_G10 Posts: 132
    Livingston in West Lothian here
  • brayman1701
    brayman1701 Posts: 76 Member
    Just on the edge of london here in good old essex ;)
  • Leggylass
    Leggylass Posts: 215
    cumbria here.

    i would like some uk friends! open diary etc.
  • Suffolk for the next month, heading back to the states soon though
  • Fatguy2Fitguy
    Fatguy2Fitguy Posts: 129 Member
    Hertfordshire... Feel free to add
  • I'm a Sheffielder living in Doncaster :)
  • im from dundee
    Hellllo! Im from Wales, where are all you lot from in thr UK?

    Feel free to add me too, more friends = more support! :bigsmile:

    I have over 5stone to lose, so anyone with similar goals come and join my journey :smile: x
  • AislingHunter
    AislingHunter Posts: 71 Member
    Another one from Glasgow here! Happy to have some UK friends :)
  • I'm From Kent. Feel free to add :)
  • Im from dundee in Scotland
  • kayl3igh88
    kayl3igh88 Posts: 428 Member
    lincs lass here! :flowerforyou:
  • siport
    siport Posts: 7,429 Member
    North Kent here, add away you sexy peeps :-)

  • KazzaKemp
    KazzaKemp Posts: 5
    I am from a not so sunny Kent! x
  • nickowastaken
    nickowastaken Posts: 751 Member
    Hi there I'm from S****horpe, Lincolnshire :) feel free to add me :)

    lol'd hard at the expletive filter :D
  • tennisdude2004
    tennisdude2004 Posts: 5,609 Member

    I'm from Knebworth - feel free to add me!
  • JustSniperSal
    JustSniperSal Posts: 2 Member
    Hey party people, I'm new on here and have almost 2 stones i want to lose. Add me so we can share tips and for motivation :)

    Sal :D
  • emsx66
    emsx66 Posts: 10
    I'm from Teesside :-)

    Feel free to add me..