Should I weight to start lifting waits?



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    Great thanks everyone for your input!!
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    Short answer: Yes. Sooner is better than later.

    Answer no one wants to admit is true: Lifting causes weight gain. Make sure you're OK with the scale not moving much, or very slowly.

    I've been lifting and I've been stuck in the 180's from January through July 2014 and it's honestly upsetting and makes me feel like a failure, even though I know logically the fact that I went from size 16 to 12 in that time is huge and that it's a success not a failure, but it's seemingly impossible to undo 31 years of conditioning to my emotional mind that when the scale goes up it's bad and when the scale goes down it's good.
    100% agree. Scale not moving is really upsetting. I do heavy lifting for over 4 months and I didn't drop a single lb :( My body is changing noticeably, but the scale stuck. Some day I am truly wondering if this was the right call. Or maybe I should have just focus on losing and once I am close to goal weight I should start the resistance training.

    also I search the web over and over for transformation stories where obese women started lifting heavy , but I came up with nothing.
    All the stories like the OP mentioned. Obese women drop the fat first and strat heavy lifting after.
    If it is so super beneficial to do it from the start, why there is no success stories of this ?
    I really like heavy lifting , but I am nit sure if this is actually the right thing to do or not.
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    for MOST people lifting weights while losing weight will end in the best results when one reaches goal weight.

    It's not the only or "best" way to lose weight, but it will lead to the best results when you reach your goal weight vs. weight lost entirely by dieting or by doing lots of cardio without strength training.
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    If it is so super beneficial to do it from the start, why there is no success stories of this ?

    Because it would mean that loads of people knew enough about training and nutrition while they were beginning and extremely overweight that they got it right straight out of the gate. This probably rarely happens.

    In reality, most people do all kinds of random stuff, lose weight anyway because they're in a calorie deficit and are happy cause they see the scale moving in the right direction. Are they getting the most out of their body and moving towards an end comp they are happy with? Probably not.

    Getting the most out of your body requires knowledge and application (often in the face of the opinions of the majority, who are clueless about these things). This doesn't necessarily need to be lifting weights. But some resistance training incorporated into your routine will be for the best.
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    I started lifting in March and have dropped 10 pounds since then. I've been eating at a 500 cal deficit, which means I haven't gained a ton of muscles, though I am going up in my lifts because I was a total beginner.

    Despite the fact that I'm 10-15 pounds heavier than my smallest weight, I'm back in the same clothes I used to wear. My cardio is very minimal, maybe one hour total per week. I'm very, very slowly increasing my calories and moving into maintenance and just finished my first week of the Stronglifts 5x5 program. I'm so, so glad that I started lifting even before I was at my goal weight!