Life with no thyroid??? I'm scared :(

Hello! I am 27 and a few days ago I had a total thyroidectomy. I had many nodes with the largest being around 5 cm. after my surgery I was told I have papillary thyroid cancer. I'm really anxious that not having a thyroid is going to make me gain tons of weight. I'm already 235. I do not need to gain any weight. Is there anyone else that has gone or going through this that can help me along the way. Offering support and advice ? Please send me a friend request. Thank you !!! :)


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    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through! First, give yourself some time to recover and get your head around it. Then talk to your doctors about your dietary requirements...I wish I had used my doctors and nurse specialist more when it came to this aspect. I am hypothyroid, amongst other things, and from what I've researched since, I should have been advised to do a lower calorie diet from the outset. It perhaps would have saved me from years of dieting!
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    Maybe I should try a different category... Lol
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    Calm down! That's what medication is for :)

    My thyroid was removed 4 years ago also due to cancer and I'm perfectly healthy now. In fact I'm doing better now with properly regulated meds than I did with the dysfunctional thyroid. Since it was cancer the doctor will probably put you on a slightly higher dose of pills than you need and that actually causes you to lose weight faster. I find when I don't drink my pills for a while (sometimes necessary for tests) then yes I do gain a lot fast. But as soon as I start taking them again it drops even faster. As long as your medication is the correct dose you won't have any problems at all.

    You are welcome to message me if you would like to chat some more. You can also add me as a friend if you like :)
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    My best friend has Grave's disease and had the radioactive iodine therapy to destroy her thyroid after years of struggling with her hyperactive thyroid. She did gain a small amount of weight (but keep in mind with prior to the treatment she'd had hypERthyroidism) but now she sees her doc regularly to keep her meds properly titrated and she does just fine without her thyroid.

    It will be an adjustment, but I'm confident you'll do great! So sorry you're having to deal with a frustrating medical procedure, best of luck!!
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    Don't worry! It's actually the opposite. As long as you take your thyroid hormone regularly, you'll actually lose a little weight at the outset. You do have to take meds; but honestly, they are benign. I have a bum thyroid and do not have trouble losing weight. I know it's different for others, but in my experience, you're going to do great. And you're very strong to have gone through that!
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    Yes, please don't worry. My wife was in a very similar position and she has not gained appreciable weight over about a decade. Just keep taking your synthetic hormone and have your levels checked periodically.
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    Thanks for the re assurance everyone ! I'm still waiting for my dr to put me on a thyroid replacement hormone.
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    I am just starting this process. My nodes do not sound as large as yours. I was told on Friday that I have "multiple suscpious nodes" based on sized, irregularity, and density.

    I can't get in to see the endocrine doctor until July 22. I am prepared for the cancer diagnosis. I am disappointed that I was not caught sooner as I have been in my doctors office several times complaining of my platueaus and very slow weight loss. I honestly lost 10 pounds from January until now. My doctor said slower is better.

    I will keep plugging away and know that I am strong.
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    Like my mom before me, when I was in my mid-30s, half my thyroid turned into a cyst filled with liquid and I had a thyroid "hemispherectomy." Like my mother before me, about 15 or so years later, my poor little half a thyroid got tired of trying to make enough juice and I started taking synthroid (levothyroxin).

    I'm in my sixties and take a "thyroid pill" every day, as does my 91 year old mom. Every once in awhile, the doc adds a thyroid level test to my usual blood test to keep track of when it's time to change my dosage. Same for Mom whose 1/2 a thyroid has pretty much given up the fight.

    So, yup, you can live well with 1/2 a thyroid or no thyroid at all as long as you take your pill and have your level tested every once in awhile. Mom and I have never noticed any particular side effects from the pills and I remember that my Mom's surgery occurred when Nixon was being inaugurated so you know it was a long time ago! And I just helped her fill her Kindle with more detective novels yesterday. She just told me she's aiming for at least a century old. Her thyroid won't be what gets her -- you and me neither.
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    OP, were you on synthroid before this? If so other than dosage it's probably going to be the same routine. Oddly enough i'm on the same dose of synthroid as my mom but every 4 months i get checked as my levels are all over. I've had 3 dose changes in under a year. Just remember you're not alone, alot of folks either don't have their thyroid anymore or it's not working right.
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    Cancer part apart, no thyroid is better than a mad (Hashimoto) thyroid!take the thyroxin supplements and be punctual with your follow will lose weight but you will lose it slowly. So please be patient and calorie count meticulously ,also exercise as best as you can do.
    May God keep you safe and healthy.:flowerforyou:
    ETA:-) :myself hypothyroid,PCOS and still the ticker is moving though slow mo!it's doable.
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    Hi sweetie,

    In 2005 i was diagnosed with follicular/papillary thyroid cancer. it had spread to the lymph nodes, parathyroid, lungs, and behind the chest wall. They removed the entire thyroid, part of the parathyroid, and some lymph nodes. I was heavier at that time than i am now. your doctors may have you do radioactive iodine treatment for the cancer (I131). but after that they'll put you on synthroid. my doctor told me to not get the generic but get the designer meds. it will take several months to get the levels correct.

    as far as weight is concerned... the thyroid does have a say in our metabolism. HOWEVER... with proper eating habits and working out, we CAN maintain and/or lose weight. I did it! If I can do it, ANYONE can! I'm posting my 'story' below. I have no thyroid now but i have lost weight (you can read how much in the post).

    It is scary going through it, it's new to you and unknown. But, don't worry, you have resources. Feel free to ask me anything you like - send me a PM or even FR me. best of luck! :flowerforyou: