What is your go-to no-cal drink?



  • lilithsrose
    lilithsrose Posts: 752 Member
    Water and unsweetened herbal tea
  • RosanaRosanaDana
    RosanaRosanaDana Posts: 93 Member
    I slice an organic orange and put it in a quart of water at night, then in the fridge. The next day I have delicious flavored no cal water to drink all day. Works with just about any fruit.
  • RosanaRosanaDana
    RosanaRosanaDana Posts: 93 Member
    I slice an organic orange and put it in a quart of water at night, then in the fridge. The next day I have delicious flavored no cal water to drink all day. Works with just about any fruit.
    Also like Twinings Green Mint Tea, so good!
  • likitisplit
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    Water. Add slices of lemon , lime, or orange for flavor.

  • aleism
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    I'm really getting into brewed iced tea lately.
    If you have a specialty tea store near you, they usually have some really great blends!
    Brew a pitcher of tea and make it strong and then chill it and serve. My sister and I tried some on the weekend and it had a fruity pina colada type flavor to it. So yummy!

    I suppose if you were looking for carbonation you could add some club soda or sparkling water to it.
    I find it's the carbonation that upsets my stomach with pop, not the sugars - so I limit my carbonation to only when I'm going out. If it's in the house I know I'll drink it!

    Some people also like to add frozen fruit to their water to flavor it - I don't because of the texture once they thaw. My sister did manage to find a glass water bottle though that has a strainer insert so the fruit will stay in the bottle and the flavored water would be strained as you drink.

    Sometimes I make a pitcher of water with slices of lemon, orange, cucumber, and ginger root. Tastes great and it is supposed to be a detoxifier.
  • ClinicalTrial
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    Green and Peppermint teas.
  • RunDomRun24
    RunDomRun24 Posts: 13 Member
    Water! Sometimes, I add lemon slices, oranges slices, cucumber, or even strawberries to give it a bit of a different taste, but most of the time, I am just drinking plain tap water. I never go anywhere without my refillable bottle.
  • Linnaea27
    Linnaea27 Posts: 639 Member

    If I want something flavored, I would go for unembellished (no sugar or milk) teas. Kukicha Twig tea (a toasted, low-caffeine Japanese tea) is especially good all by itself.

    Also, teas made from single or multiple herbs can be delicious. Lemon balm is yummy, as are red clover flowers (though red clover is actually used a a hormone-adjusting herb for women, so not something you should drink a lot of unless you read up on its effects and feel it would be right for you). Any herb with an interesting, appealing flavor can be made into a yummy tea. Spearmint would be yummy!
  • smantha32
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    Unsweet tea and carbonated water with a little lemon juice.
  • Phatgirl420
    Phatgirl420 Posts: 197 Member
    I have been drinking with water with a lemon wedge, and I add some Stevia for a lil sweetness...0 calorie lemonade! :)
  • runner475
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    You should go paleo for weight loss. It's proven in recent times it's only diet that's working. Stay away from all artificial processed food. Paleo doesn't support low cal no fat ice cream either. Make your own avacado ice cream.
  • mysmileighs
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    I make a pitcher of water with cucumber and lemon slices and stick it in the fridge. Yuuumm!

    I've tried to quit diet soda a bunch of times, but this time, I didn't try to...I started making smoothies with protein powder as a breakfast replacement, and a couple days in a row I forgot to grab a can of soda...I guess my body lost interest :smile:
  • davemunger
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    Thanks for all the ideas, everyone. To start off with, I got some club soda and pomegranate juice (with the plan of adding a splash of juice to the soda) and some ice tea (Four O'Clock Fruit Sangria).
  • LaurenEileen74
    LaurenEileen74 Posts: 142 Member
    Water and Green Tea
  • Phatgirl420
    Phatgirl420 Posts: 197 Member
    that's exactly what I do, it's like lemonade, but calorie free! :)
  • 04hoopsgal73
    04hoopsgal73 Posts: 925 Member
    Water :drinker: Polar Seltzer flavored sparkling water; :drinker:

    Make home made fusion water: Pitcher of water, Add combos of Sliced fresh fruit and veggies and leaves of herbs.
    Sit overnight in refrigerator. Add fresh ice cubes in morning:drinker:

    So far I've tried these> Lemon-mint-cucumber; lemon & strawberries; Mint & Grapefruit; Mint & Orange; Watermelon;
    Kiwi-cucumber-lime; Backberries & lime;


  • bcattoes
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    I assume you mean something other than the obvious - water? Tea.

    I rarely drink sweetened drinks, but when I do I like Lipton Diet Green Tea with citrus, Diet Sprite, or Diet Sunkist.
  • Amitysk
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    Iced green tea from Starbucks (no sweetener or water), iced black tea (unsweetened), or plain ice water- sometimes I'll add lime or lemon slices. If I have to have something fizzy I like the Arrowhead carbonated waters (black cherry is my favorite).
  • sara1029
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    Polar flavored club soda ......so many to choose from.
  • gretlarson
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    I like iced tea (green tea) and coffee.