new to FitBit...seeking friends

I am seeking friends on FitBit. I just signed up for my account tonight and just bought my ONE today. I haven't started using it. Plan on starting it with sleep mode tonight.


  • editorgrrl
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  • WRXymama
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    I don't know how to add them, but have had my "one" for a few years, and am in the starting over phase. I have previously lost a total of 60lbs, however have gained 1/2back. So over it!
  • kayl3igh88
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    added you both on here and fitbit, here's mine if anyone wants to add me :smile:
  • WRXymama
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    Anyone is free to add me! I'm great at motivating, but not at taking my own advice
  • UnicornAmanda
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    I just got a fitbit recently too. Anyone add me, on here or fitbit :)
  • nic1976
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    I've just recently got a fitbit & have started using it in the last few days...anyone can add me
  • tismecasie
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    I just bought one yesterday and looking for friends as well! :)

    Feel free to add me:
  • mimidanadrt2
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    I just bought my FitBit Flex today. Would love some friends to help motivate each other.

    Feel free to add me at public url: //