what are you grateful for today???????



  • oregonlady
    oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
    :heart: I like to mow
    :heart: cabo photos
  • oregonlady
    oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
    :heart: lost my phone on the 4th.
    :heart: somebody turned it into the tmoble store!
    :heart: perfect weather
  • Nicolee_2014
    Nicolee_2014 Posts: 1,572 Member
    Not having to go to work
  • red0801
    red0801 Posts: 283 Member
    Light switches.
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,118 Member
    Beautiful summer evenings...

    ...in addition to the many other blessings that I am grateful for on a daily basis - too many to list. :heart:
  • Ivey05131980
    Ivey05131980 Posts: 1,118 Member
  • Red_sparkling_Titania
    I'm thankful for 'today' itself. Without today I wouldn't have had the smiles and laughter that I did :)
  • zenalasca
    zenalasca Posts: 563 Member
    :smile: Haven't gained any weight despite eating so much pizza and chocolate over the weekend
    :smile: Am living in a lovely new house with great people
    :smile: I can play my PS3 on a huge screen now
    :smile: I tried out the low carb Aussie Bodies raspberry protein bars today and they are awesome
    :smile: There's diet creaming soda in the fridge
    :smile: I know slightly more Chinese than I did a week ago
    :smile: I'm eating a reasonable amount of food each day without having to log or worry about calories too much
  • SugarBaby71
    SugarBaby71 Posts: 3,630 Member
    Today I realized that the challenges I face are small in the grand scheme of things. I'm grateful for that.
  • AmandaNicole412
    AmandaNicole412 Posts: 764 Member
    I saw my grandma 3 hours away one last time before she passes
  • seattlemtit
    starting this weight loss with my sister doing it with me. seeing my daughter today,,and 2 new clients!:flowerforyou:
  • Sparky1030
    Sparky1030 Posts: 163
    I'm grateful every day I wake up and thank God for the life I have now! :happy:
  • Birder155
    Birder155 Posts: 223 Member
    Finally finding the other pea in my pod. :heart:

    and A/C.
  • riirii93_
    riirii93_ Posts: 475 Member
    I'm going to California tomorrow!
  • Aemely
    Aemely Posts: 694 Member
    I'm thankful for every day I get up and don't need any pain medication.
    I'm thankful for my friendly kitties, even though they do tear up some stuff.
    I'm thankful for my loving husband of 20 years, even though he does clutter up the house with stacks of papers. :blushing:
    I'm thankful I never bought a house and therefore can be debt-free.
    I'm thankful I have skills that I can use to help people.
    I'm thankful for cheesy vampire books that I can read without anyone knowing... :tongue: :love:
  • Bageeeta
    Bageeeta Posts: 1,259 Member
    I am grateful that I focus on the blessings in my life instead of the problems! :happy: :happy: :happy:
  • MichelleV1990
    MichelleV1990 Posts: 806 Member
    I'm grateful for my family, job, that I woke up, one more day off, and this wonderfully supportive group on MFP.
  • CJisinShape
    CJisinShape Posts: 1,404 Member
    So grateful for my family, a new day, peace in my heart, a quiet mind, all thanks to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I'm also grateful for a new outlook on life, and, less lofty, my new butt and legs from working out. Woowza! :smooched:
  • Phoenix__Rising
    Phoenix__Rising Posts: 9,981 Member
    My family for being there in my recent times of need and the best FL a
    girl could ask for!! The most fun, sexy and caring people, if only I could
    meet them!! ????
  • JustSomeEm
    JustSomeEm Posts: 20,218 MFP Moderator
    Today I am grateful for good advice, good friends and good booze.