what are you grateful for today???????

oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
:heart: my jeans fit okay
:heart: our new cat has a great personality
:heart: spring
:heart: pretty phone wrist strap i made
:heart: mother's day is over.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


  • Shannmarrs
    Shannmarrs Posts: 117 Member
    Super grateful for a very supportive husband who put up with me over the weekend LOL =)
  • allystone
    allystone Posts: 134 Member
    being able to fit into my clothes in my closet..and my treadmill in the basement..oh yes & instant coffee!!
  • butterfly0475
    butterfly0475 Posts: 91 Member
    I am grateful for so many things but today, grateful my grumpy Monday morning attitude didn't win and I hit the gym this am before work. I am grateful for two healthy kids, 3 generations in my home, and support from my MFP family. Without you all, I would have no where to share the real skinny me (I know's she's here!). XOXO
  • bflicker11
    bflicker11 Posts: 296
    *Healthy Kids
    *Good health for me
    *Ability to provide for my family
    *Awesome friends
  • 12skipafew99100
    12skipafew99100 Posts: 1,669 Member
    the weather, 70 and sunny here
    my kids and the rest of my family are healthy
    there really are so many things.....................no flooding here
  • wvmark41
    wvmark41 Posts: 124 Member
    1.) being alive & vertical
    2.) being in a fun, silly mood
    3.) rode my Harley to work today. :happy:
  • VixFit2011
    VixFit2011 Posts: 663 Member
    Just being alive, my wonderful adult children, my 2 precious granddaughters, my pets, my housemates, my doctors who helped me be alive, my pals here, and I'm sure there are many more things I could go on and on.
  • anubis609
    anubis609 Posts: 3,966 Member
    ...for the 5 pound fluctuation gain that I now get to lose :happy:
  • lbarnett300
    lbarnett300 Posts: 53
    I am grateful for reaching my goal weight. The tremendous support of my wife, and my 4 (soon to be 5) grandchildren.
  • thetigerzeye
    thetigerzeye Posts: 81 Member
    My supportive fiancee and friends.
    Even though my life hasn't always been great its has made me the great person I am today!
  • amandalc980
    amandalc980 Posts: 383 Member
    My health!

    Yesterday I spent my mothers day watching a friends baby because she had a stroke at 23. Scary scary. Makes me really thankful for my good fortune!
  • Qarol
    Qarol Posts: 6,171 Member
    being debt free (including our mortgage)
    working from home
    and while weight loss is very slow, I've at least lost quite a bit
  • justsummie
    justsummie Posts: 320 Member
    (Law of Attraction says being grateful for all the good things you have is key to acquiring more)

    Today I am grateful for
    * The continued healthy, safety and happiness of me and my family (especially the kiddo)
    * My husband and all he does to give us the life we have and the life we are striving to attain
    * My current and future weight-loss achievements
    * Great deals at Old Navy
    * The tightening of my muscles that tells me my work-out was a good one
    * My MFP pals
    * A bright and shinny future not too far ahead
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,248 Member
    I'm grateful that after breakfast and lunch, I still have about 1400 calories for the rest of the day. Yay for exercise calories!!! :drinker:
  • mishelnkiki
    mishelnkiki Posts: 775 Member
    i realized over the weekend just how AWESOME not only my friends, my family but also my children are. i knew they were, but i was in a terrible funk this weekend, and they all helped to cheer me up! im very thankful for all of them. mostly my babies tho. also, im thankful for moutain dew even tho its the devil bc without this can im drinkin right now, i would prolly be face planting my desk! also, grateful to MFP and the awesome friends i have found on here! ok i think im done now. lol.
  • Happyoceangirl
    Happyoceangirl Posts: 1,993 Member
    :heart: That Oregonlady reposted this topic
    :heart: That I have SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR that it can't possibly be contained on this thread
    :heart: For MFP and all the squirrely cats on here. ;)
    :heart: For my friend Nikki who's a great buddy on this quest for self improvement
    :heart: For my health, my supportive partner V, my awesome doctor
    :heart: Thankful that my meal planning and exercise paid off last week
    :heart: For the new fitness center / group fitness classes in town
    :heart: For my decision to be a happy, confident person with self love and self respect.
  • janemartin02
    janemartin02 Posts: 2,653 Member
    not weighing 300 lbs
    out of plus size clothes.
    can go in a wt room and know what` i`m doing
    for my wonderful family
  • Happyoceangirl
    Happyoceangirl Posts: 1,993 Member
    being debt free (including our mortgage)
    working from home
    and while weight loss is very slow, I've at least lost quite a bit

    Love these!!!! Being debt free and working from home must be very gratifying indeed! Congratulations on all of it. :flowerforyou:
  • Miss_Chievous_wechange
    Miss_Chievous_wechange Posts: 1,230 Member
    I have so much to be grateful for. But to keep it short and sweet...I'm grateful for my health, my son, to have an awesome job, and for all of my awesome, supportive, and motivating peeps I have on MFP. You guys rock. Love you all *MUAH*
  • koosdel
    koosdel Posts: 3,319 Member
    I am grateful for air conditioning, Walmart, the internet, and attorneys. I use them all the time.