boneless skinless chicken breast

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i need some recipes for boneless skinless chicken.
baked, sauteed, or whatever u do even crockpot recipes.
i need something healthy but with plenty of flavor.
i usually bake mine with salt pepper italian seasoning but it never taste as good as id like kinda boring and its not tender or juicy.
any tips on that?
also i want some chicken that would taste good in salads.
ive been on my "journey" for over a month now, but ive been eating whatever i want as long as i stay within my calories but i really want to start eating healthier. trying to look at the big picture & in that picture i cant keep eating like this and maintain a good healthy weight in the future..with that said i do believe u should get to have some stuff sometimes but not everyday like i do haha.

& add me if u like.. i like to view my friends diary to get ideas of meals!!!

ALSO if u have any low impact exercises i could do at home please let me know! right i walk 5 miles a day with -leslie sansone- but i need to work in 20 more minutes a day


  • Zomoniac
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    I have no recipes to suggest, just to comment that if you're always finding it's "not tender or juicy" then you're almost certainly cooking it too long so no recipe is likely to help much. Ideally you want to be eating it as soon as it's safely cooked through and no longer. If done right you should be able to eat it plain with a knife and fork and it will still be succulent and juicy.
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    I like to boil/crockpot it with some enchilada sauce (homemade or canned) and throw in some green chili's, ahh yeah.
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  • profgal43
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    Check Tons of great chicken recipes. I love the stuffed jalapeno chicken.
  • calico314
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    I like to marinate chicken in balsamic vinaigrette and grill it then put it on a salad with some chopped granny smith apples, blue cheese, craisins and whatever else sounds good at the time. I make my own balsamic vinaigrette from the good seasonings mix...easy and tasty!
  • meonlybetterDUH
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    George Foreman grill with seasoning. I use Natures Seasoning and love that stuff! I grill and either have a vege or yogurt with the chicken. Or, cut it up and have it on a salad.
    I toss chicken breasts in the crockpot with chicken boullion, lots of Nature Seasoning and Seasonal All. Chicken is extremely tender and juicy.
    I'm a pretty boring eater and can eat pretty much the same thing alot of the time. I can cook but really don't like to so I make things as easy as possible!
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    Something else to try... Do a search here on this site and there are some wonderful chicken recipes... Hope this helps..
  • pamelas9
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    we charcoal grill ours on the weekends. Just pop it in a brine (heavily salted water) the night before and it can take the grill. Then it is good for salads, or anything.
  • maryjay52
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    marinate it in fat free or low fat italian salad dressing overnight ..then grill or broil
  • JosieRawr
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    I usually start by dicing it up(1-2 inch squares-ish) throw it in the skillet with a little oil(1tbs or so) and about 1/2 cup of water. Medium heat. Add what ever seasonings you like- I like onion and garlic and parsley generally. When it's cooked through I add about another 1/2 cup of water and add 100g of what ever veggie I'm wanting. (If it cooks off all the water before it's done cooking just add a little more np)

    I'm a lazy cook, that is the starting point of 80% of my chicken recipes... If wanting rice, quinoa, other grain I just cook it in a separate pan and add it to the meat when I would normally add the veggies, but season heavier or season the grain separately...
  • Amanda_Gx6
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    salt & pepper the raw chicken

    In a pan saute some onion and chopped garlic
    Add the chicken along with about a cup of halved grape or cherry tomatoes, chopped zucchini/summer squash and mushrooms
    when the chicken is almost done squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the pan.

    Serve with brown rice
  • Mygsds
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    Put chicken breasts in crockpot after rubbing liberally with taco seasoning.. Add jar of salsa of your choice. Cool 3 hours on low or until you can shred easily. Add sour cream and can use in tacos, burritos or over rice.
  • Christineclendaniel
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    Put chicken breasts in crockpot after rubbing liberally with taco seasoning.. Add jar of salsa of your choice. Cool 3 hours on low or until you can shred easily. Add sour cream and can use in tacos, burritos or over rice.

    Just saw this and I was going to post same thing after making this tonight...I did add some fresh corn, but oh so, so good!
  • Francl27
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    I cook mine on the foreman grill, then just eat them in tacos, salads, wraps, sandwiches, or plain with some barbecue sauce.
  • cuckoo_jenibeth
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    I made grapefruit glazed grilled chick breasts for dinner tonight! Sent you a friend request...check it out in my recipes if you want!
  • wonderwoman234
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    I am making turkey breast tenderloins that I marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic and oregano. I'll grill it and serve it with broccoli. It is really good!

    I also love Chicken Verona. It's good hot or cold. Take 3 slightly bruised garlic cloves (peeled) and 2 Tbsp. each of butter and olive oil and heat in a baking dish to just melt. Remove garlic from baking dish and throw away. Take 4 chicken breasts and toss in the butter mixture to just coat and then dredge breasts in a mixture of Italian style bread crumbs and freshly grated parmesan cheese. I sometimes add extra spices like garlic and onion powder and oregano to the breadcrumbs. Bake breasts in a 400 degree oven til golden brown. It is so good! The more butter you use, the better it is, but if you are watching calories, you want to be conservative with it.

    Salsa chicken is super easy and delicious. Mix 1 bottle of salsa, 2 Tbsp. brown sugar and 1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard and pour over chicken breasts and bake until done. Can also do this in a crockpot.
  • tabithaduarte
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    i ended up puttin lemon pepper salt pepper and italian seasonings then got garlic and olive oil going in the pan. i made sure not to over cook the chicken it was very good my son ate half of what i made and i made alot so i could have some more a couple days!
    thanks for all the suggestions i will try them all thank u!
  • tabithaduarte
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    that sounds good!... anything with the word "glazed" sounds good LOL
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    It's going to sound strange, but it's one of the most delicious things I've ever had in my life.

    Rub plain yellow mustard on some chicken and put in a casserole dish. Add about 3 tbsp of lemon juice and sprinkle with lemon pepper, season salt, minced garlic or garlic powder, oregano, and a little salt and pepper. Covered with tinfoil and bake at 400 for 30-45 minutes depending on how thick your chicken is.

    It's so delicious and juicy. I usually serve it with rice and broccoli or green beans.

    Tonight I'm grilling chicken with some of the same seasonings.
  • VeryKatie
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    Mustard-Dill Chicken:

    4 chicken breasts
    1/4 cup dijon mustard
    1/4 cup plain yogurt or sour cream (low fat if you want)
    1 tbsp dried dill weed
    1/2 tsp garlic powder or salt

    Mix the sauces and spices and then dip the raw chicken into the sauce (cover completely).

    Place each chicken on an individual piece of tin foil on a baking sheet

    Drizzle remaining sauce onto chicken if you want to.

    Fold the foil into packets for each breast

    bake in the oven at 350F for about 20 - 30 minutes (check it several times since the weight of the breast can really change the time). When opening the foil packet, beware of steam.

    Open the packets and broil the chicken for about 5 minutes to make the top a bit brown and crispy (I am usually too lazy to do this haha)

    Serve and voila! I've never had it turn out NOT juicy - and I've never messed it up. Which is really saying something for me. Though I did buy bone in breasts once by mistake - they just took about 45 minutes to cook instead. I've also done it at 375F to speed it up a bit and it turned out fine.


    If you don't like dill it also works with curry. It would probably taste nice with lemon pepper too. Not gonna lie, I love how it's only about 5 minutes of prep work. I'm making this tonight for my bf's family since their parents went on vacation (yes, they are all over 20 years old)...

    I've also used the foil packet method after simply sprinkling the chicken breast with Cajun or Tex-mex seasoning and it was still super moist.