alska Posts: 295 Member
How often do you "check in" to see how much you lost in weight/inches etc?


  • Whenever I feel like it! ;)
  • alska
    alska Posts: 295 Member
    lol i was thinking on doing it once a month but i am not sure.
  • nicolemviolette
    nicolemviolette Posts: 105 Member
    I used to check in almost every day since I worked in a medical facility and had access to scales and everything. But now that Im a stay at home mom I just get weighed when I have postpartum checkups, but i take measurements every Monday as part of a fitness group I am part of.
  • Nt2Badhuh
    Nt2Badhuh Posts: 107 Member
    I try to weigh every two weeks because more than that drives me crazy ...the fluctuations!!!!! AGGHHH

    I measure maybe monthly....I forget about that a lot but it's important.
  • Adpalangi
    Adpalangi Posts: 349 Member
    Every Monday for me.