recommended APP for tracking weight settings/reps?

I am just getting back in to the gym and will be starting with the machines first. I used to have a clipboard with a trainer workout set up with which machines at which weight etc.....made it easy to just walk up and set a machine for a quicker workout and tracking my progress as I improve.

Any recommended app to do this on my droid phone?


  • iamkarent
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    anyone? bumping now that it is later in the day :)
  • AtmaKing
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  • tkillion810
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    I prefer good old fashioned pen and paper for this. I use a small journal type spiral notebook. You could also create a spreadsheet and add it to google docs. Then access it and update it while at the gym working out. I know a few members at my gym do this.
  • badcemom
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    MobileFit, if your gym uses it.
  • BigGuy47
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    +1 on JEFIT
  • iamkarent
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    Thanks I will check out jefit. Not sure if my gym uses the other one...
  • shor0814
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    Liftbook works pretty well for me.
  • Aussie_in_PA
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  • Jake_82
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    This app is the best on Andriod imo
  • redheadmommy
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    I have an iPhone, and I tried a few things, but jefit seems to work the best for my needs.
    I did the StrongLifts program for 3 months and it has a specific app called SL 5x5 which is great if and only if you do not deviate from the program. At the moment you want to add an extra lift or two to the program that app became useless.
    I tried an app called Multi- year, which seem good, but you can not really try it out for free. It only let you log like 3 workouts and then you have to pay $3 to log and every additional feature is another $2-3-4-8 . I do not mind paying some fix amount for an app if it is really great. However this paying for every tiny feature separately bug me a lot..
    JEFIT is free and so far it does what I need it for.
    I'll keep an eye on this topic though. Maybe somebody will suggest an even better app.;)