How much alcohol do you consume?



  • kvansanity
    kvansanity Posts: 108 Member
    I used to drink 4-5 times a week. Now I drink once a week, and even then it's never more than 3 drinks in a night. At this point, one drink is enough to get me pretty buzzed since I drink so little these days. I'm so much happier now that I'm not drinking, and it's really helped my weight loss!
  • aedreana
    aedreana Posts: 979 Member
    Zero. I am allowed ONE phobia, aren't I? Well my one phobia is a deep deep fear of puking! That is why I have never been drunk, high, or pregnant.
  • None. I used to drink A LOT, but I stopped a few years ago. Went from all the time, to sometimes, to a few times a year, now none
  • TiffieLand
    TiffieLand Posts: 159
    Barely any, I do not like the smell of alcohol. Sometimes I drink the sweet girly type. It tastes like soda.