My FIRST EVER 5k race is tomorrow! Suggestions???

Im so nervous and excited to be participating in my very first 5k tomorrow (Saturday) morning! Ive read lots of articles and blogs on this site and elsewhere about staying hydrated the day before and the day of the race, and eating carbs, etc. But I wondered what other suggestions that you might have for a "wanna be runner" like me .... they would be greatly appreciated!

Ive only been running for about 3 months now, so im not nearly as concerned about my overall time as i am just COMPLETELY RUNNING the race and not having to walk any of it! Thanks for your input and advice!

Wish me luck!


  • Cerakoala
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    Just pace yourself :) I started at a medium pace at the start and middle then sped up the last 1 mile or so :) Have fun with it :)
  • FFfitgirl
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    Don't stress, enjoy it!!
  • _Waffle_
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    You don't need any special preparation for a 5k. Just do what you normally do when you practice. Pretend you're out for a morning run and have fun.
  • DeannaLynnPerkins
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    Just have fun! Pace yourself and know that if you need to walk a little, it's ok! There are tons of people who participate in 5K's that actually walk the whole thing. Drink water before the race and eat a good breakfast, just healthy with some carbs and protein...not sure when your race is going to be, but I wouldn't advise eating RIGHT before. :-)
  • murf19
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    Have fun and pace yourself. Find someone running at your pace and stay with them. For your second 5k, try to better your time and keep doing that each time.
    stretch before and after and keep moving once your done. Don't just stop
  • skippygirlsmom
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    Get some rest tonight, have fun tomorrow and just enjoy the experience. Make sure you smile coming over the finish line for the pictures :-) Good luck.
  • skullshank
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    good luck!

    youre going to do great. i remember being so nervous for my first 5k event.
    the day came, and i had a blast! you will too....and then youre going to sign up for another one....and another....

    rest well tonight, have a good breakfast in the morning, tie your shoes well, and get crackin!
  • _Terrapin_
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    You'l do great; go slow and have fun. Take pics to remember the first one. Best of luck!
  • Cranquistador
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    Still haven't done my first, but looking forward to when I can.

    Enjoy it and relax:smile:
  • ShellyBell999
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    Suggestions? Yes, RUN!!

    Good luck, have fun :flowerforyou:
  • otter090812
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    Great! Just enjoy, and don't go off too fast, you'll settle into a rhythm soon enough. That's my plan anyway - my first ever 5K is on Sunday!
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    Carb load and go off like a shot when the gun fires.

    Or eat sensibly, start in a pace-appropriate area, and enjoy the accomplishment and keep up the good work.
  • freddi11e
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    have fun and pace yourself. I remember for my first 5k i was nervous cus i hadnt ran for 10 years, and i smoked a cigarette approaching the starting line lol. i ended up running the whole thing in 45 minutes. I was so proud. have funn!!
  • The fact that you are a Steelers fan says it all: you will kick *ss, and since it's your first time to run this type of race, whatever your finish time is WILL BE YOUR BEST TIME! (smile).

    Then, the next time you run, you might consider trying to beat your own best time.


    Or, you could take a cab?

    Go Steelers!
  • jzs20
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    wow that's awesome ! good Luck tomorrow. wish I had some good advice but I'm doing my first 5k next month.

    Please let us know how you make out ;)
  • Meerataila
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    Have fun with it and don't stress time, speed, or anything else. If you don't come in last, you won. And even if you do come in last, you still beat everyone standing around in the crowd just watching.
  • glassgallm
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    Have fun! Meet people! Enjoy the views! It's all good!
  • fleetzz
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    Carb load and go off like a shot when the gun fires.

    Or eat sensibly, start in a pace-appropriate area, and enjoy the accomplishment and keep up the good work.

    Dont listen to sarcastic-man:wink:

    Dont start in front, you will be trampled! Get there in plenty of time esp if you didnt pick up your bib. Dont worry about carb loading, but do try to use the restroom before the race. Start at a comfortable pace. You can always speed up. Since you have only been running for 3 months dont try and worry about time, you can next time though.

    If you stop for water, get off to the side. Warn people if you are about to drop to a walk so you are not crashed into.

    Ignore typos, and punctuation errors, typimg from ipad and i hate it!
  • CallMeRuPaul
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    being nervous is natural. I've done 3 races and i still get nervous days before or the day of. take lots of pictures and live in the moment.