Cherry addiction



  • cwolfman13
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    I like the tangy ones....

    I eat 'em all the time...not scared!
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  • mockchoc
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    Oh I am so jealous.

    I could never afford to eat that many cherries.

    I don't mean afford as in fit into my calories but literally afford - they are sooo expensive here.

    Same as raspberries - was in heaven when I went to UK last year and could buy huge bag for couple of pounds.
    $8 for tiny punnet here :cry:

    Woolies has them on special right now for $11.99. Just bought some this morning. From USA but look good.
  • smashley_mashley
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    Thee are $1.99 right now and I just love them...just think, its better than chips!
  • Soggynode
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    We have two cherry trees in our back yard and they both set a crazy amount of cherries this year. I know fruit trees are messy but those two cherry trees were one or our better ideas. Letting the black berries take over the entire east side of our yard... not such a good idea.
  • PurringMyrrh
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    Just keep all the delicious antioxidant recipes in mind! Those black berries are gosh darn prolific though so I get what you're sayin'.
  • HellyFaye
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    I'm so happy I'm not alone in my love for cherries.

    Fresh fruit is the best.
  • SomeNights246
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    Where are you guys finding these cheap cherries? Not even my local farmer's market has them. :sad:
  • highcarbveganzombie
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    We're getting them at 97 cents a pound right now, most expensive has been 1.48 a pound. I'm like you, I loooove me some cherries! :)
  • Being Scottish, Raspberries and Brambles (or blackberries as they're called outside of the native tongue) are rife and cheap, and I'm addicted to them. Especially with a bit of Greek yoghurt.

    The (ironically) agitating thing about them is that they're only about 30 calories per 100 grams, so I can eat them FOR ALL ETERNITY.
  • mjbnj0001
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    Grew up with a mature (80' tall) black cherry tree in the yard. My not-so-secret addiction ever since. Now's the season!

    On another note, I've bought into the notion that concentrated cherry juice is great for all manner of ills (inflammation, etc.). Especially the tart cherries. Started it when experiencing heel spurs. Two tablespoons a night, and either my mind is fooling me via the placebo effect, or the stuff actually helps, a lot. Plus the melatonin helps spur on sleep.

    I was using black cherry concentrate in protein smoothies; now I just don't bother with a blender and pre-making drinks, am just using shaker bottles and unflavored versions of the powders when it's time to "eat."
  • mygnsac
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    Cherries and watermelon, 2 of my favs and they are so good right now! When cherry season first started, the prices here were ridiculous at about $6 a pound, but they are now down to around $3 a pound. Really enjoying the summer fruit this year. Last year I started buying frozen cherries to keep on hand for my smoothies.
  • Veil5577
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    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM cherries..... good idea....
  • JenVii
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    I love cherries. I broke down and bought a 2 lb bag here last week and it was a little over $18. I told my husband we were eating every last one I didn't care if they were rotten. So far I have managed to eat most of them have a few more servings to go.

    I love watermelon too but I refuse to pay $18.99 for a half rotten watermelon.

    I live in Unalaska, AK (Dutch Harbor) which is the reason for the ridiculous pricing.
  • RM10003
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    Whole Foods had a one day sale on cherries yesterday for $1.99/lb, which is quite cheap by NYC standards (I can find them on the street in Chinatown for that price, but the quality isn't great). I thought I was bad buying 4 lbs, my mother bought 14! She cans, though....
  • 47Jacqueline
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    Fruits and veggies are a big part of my diet. And they're awesome. But there still can be too much of a good thing.

    We're in the middle of cherry season...and they're so good now. And they're down to $3.99/lb. But given that a 2 pound bag isn't lasting 2 days...I think I need to cut back. :)

    Oh, yeah! major additction. But the season is short so I just enjoy it.