Women: Favorite Physical Attributes on a Guy?



  • grantairesbottle
    Dark hair, green eyes, also long hair and big, strong hands.
  • airbearlover
    airbearlover Posts: 240 Member
    A sweet , warm smile. Taller than 5' 5". Walks tall and confident. Preferably with bigger feet than me.
  • Alisontheice
    Alisontheice Posts: 9,624 Member
    Nice strong arms. I've always been a sucker for that. Not super huge but nice and toned.
  • lingo10
    lingo10 Posts: 305 Member
    Great smile, a hearty laugh, confident, v cuts on his lower abdomen, and toned back :)
  • HeidiCooksSupper
    HeidiCooksSupper Posts: 3,831 Member
    Chest hair. It viral and masculine. Bare chests remind me of little boys.
  • lockeddoor
    lockeddoor Posts: 103 Member
    I like beards and scruffiness on a guy. Men are hairy, and I like it! No chest-waxed boys who spend more time on their beauty routine than I do.

    I do have to admit that I am not into very very thin men. I also am not into super buff ripped guys either. I like normal. I like average. No gigantic bulging muscles, but not some guy who's super skinny and can borrow my t-shirts. I'm okay with a healthy amount of pudge :)
  • oksanatkachuk
    oksanatkachuk Posts: 149 Member
    Big heart
  • alehundrah
    alehundrah Posts: 156 Member
    I've always had a thing for guys with broad shoulders. Just makes them so sexy. I'm a sucker for eyes as well.
  • boobeey
    boobeey Posts: 78 Member
    Nice hands and full lips oh and he has to have weight to him I'm just not into skinny men
  • TiffieLand
    TiffieLand Posts: 159
    Yup gotta be nice smile,tall,and normal weight xD I can't seem to be find guy who are skinnier than me attractive... but just a personal preference.
  • Boisvert68
    Boisvert68 Posts: 2 Member
    Kindness and intelligence. An um... nice forearms. :flowerforyou:
  • whitneysin
    whitneysin Posts: 605 Member
    I like good eyebrows and a nice voice
  • Meerataila
    Meerataila Posts: 1,885 Member
    Good brain, good heart. Everything else is gravy. But there are certain types of gravy I like more. Like that tall, lean, dark haired, brown eyed gravy.
  • lna_1981
    lna_1981 Posts: 696 Member
    Eyes are a big one, also love a strong jawline, I like the manly man look (no guys prettier than me lol)....and a nice back is great too
  • p8liwag
    p8liwag Posts: 919 Member
    Great smile, eyes and a cute butt :bigsmile:
  • daniellee725
    daniellee725 Posts: 24 Member
    Height is huge for me. I'm 6'1" and I need a guy who can keep up with that! A nice smile would be the next most important thing for me
  • Geloza
    Geloza Posts: 315 Member
    Smile, kindness and sense of humor. :happy: I need to laugh haha :laugh:
  • MinMin97
    MinMin97 Posts: 2,676 Member
    Generally I like shoulders, arms, hands. Depends on the guy, though!! His smile and manners/basic social skills will be the deciding factor.
  • BeardedYoung
    BeardedYoung Posts: 229 Member
    come on ladies, don't lie... you know its a beard... or a stylin stache
  • meshashesha2012
    meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,326 Member
    i agree with the not too skinny guy as well.. i mean that's only in his best interest because the skinnier he is, the more likely my boobs will stretch out his tshirts cus yeah, i borrow tshirts :laugh: