Here's what that pound really looks like :)

I know that losing weight can feel like an uphill battle. It often feels like trying to build an ocean with an eye dropper. If you, like all of us at one time or another, want to feel better, look how much you actually lost! Look at your accomplishment! Keep on keepin' on! :D

! Pound of Fat (This made my day)

Below: 5 Pounds of Fat next to 5 Pounds of Muscle

And, last, real-life equivalents to what you've lost! :)

Good Luck, Everyone!



  • fatbegone85
    cool. I've lost a 10 dozen large eggs! Can't wait for the horse.
  • Odiliawine
    Odiliawine Posts: 116 Member
    I've lost the fats and oils the average American eats in a year!
  • swertyqwerty
    swertyqwerty Posts: 81 Member
    I lost a chihuahua and at the end of my journey Imma lose an air conditioner
  • briznik
    briznik Posts: 32 Member
    I love this... I lost a whale's brain and my goal is to lose a 2-year-old ;-)
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    Woohoo, I've lost a 2 year old!!
  • PapaChanoli
    PapaChanoli Posts: 178 Member
    Love it. I'm trying to lose a newborn calf.

    That would be really funny if it wasn't so...not.

  • Vailara
    Vailara Posts: 2,454 Member
    I knew it. Out of all the numbers on the list, mine has to be the "elephant's penis" one. I can't even imagine how big it is as it's not something I see every day.
  • brevislux
    brevislux Posts: 1,093 Member
    Wow! Thanks. Really changes your perspectives... And also shows how you can be smaller but weigh the same when you're losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • SnuggleSmacks
    SnuggleSmacks Posts: 3,731 Member
    Ice cream comes in 3 gallon tubs??????
  • hobbeskastiel
    hobbeskastiel Posts: 221 Member
    Ice cream comes in 3 gallon tubs??????

    I think that's like the ones they used to have at Thrifty's way back in the day. I think it's be Rite Aid now. Where you can buy the ice cream by the scoop....or three.
  • SamNicoll
    SamNicoll Posts: 43 Member
    Great images! A very graphic and effective motivator!
  • bethanytapp
    bethanytapp Posts: 79 Member
    I love the list of what things weigh... I've basically lost an Irish setter!
  • bootssowhite
    bootssowhite Posts: 93 Member
    So far I've lost a cinder block and I'm going to throw a party the day I lose an elephant's penis, just because it's funny. And, you know, because it's a pretty decent accomplishment in its own right.
  • happysquidmuffin
    happysquidmuffin Posts: 651 Member
    0_0 I've lost a whole human head? Wow I can't even... Weird.
  • mandikerr
    mandikerr Posts: 8 Member
    I love this! So far I've lost a car tire! It's sort of neat to see what you've lost compared to real world objects.

    Also blows my mind I quite literally just lost the weight of a spare tire.
  • boobeey
    boobeey Posts: 78 Member
    this was so funny and inspiring I've lost a house cat and look forward to losing an elephant penis ha ha ha
  • psychdlc
    psychdlc Posts: 27 Member
    I'm saving all these pictures! Thanks!
  • Fuzzith
    Fuzzith Posts: 6 Member
    Nice! I lost a human leg and am nearing an elephant's heart.
  • Nojoke81
    Nojoke81 Posts: 131
    I got my real world approximation of what 1lb would look like from 'Breaking Bad' lol
  • LessHeavyVeggie
    LessHeavyVeggie Posts: 208 Member
    I've lost an average human leg!
    Next two goals are and irish setter and a two month old horse.
    Final goal: average woman (although I knew that anyway as I aim to half my SW)

    Nice to have something to visualise!