100 pounds lost, and kept it off for 3 years (pics)

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Hello All,
I haven't been on the message boards here in quite awhile, but I still use MFP to track my calories every day. I was looking at some of my old posts, and saw that I posted my before and after pics when I hit my goal weight of 140 in September of 2011. Then it hit me that I have now been maintaining my weight loss for almost 3 years. I'm about 5 pounds heavier today then I was in 2011, but I'm okay with it. I posted my before and after pictures 3 years ago, because I was proud of myself, but also to let people know it is possible to make positive changes in your life. They say most people who lose a substantial amount of weight will gain it back, and I often found that statistic discouraging when I was losing weight. I won't say it is always easy to maintain, but I wanted to let people see that it is absolutely possible.



  • Zoise
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    That's awesome!
    BEVERLYSTEEN Posts: 106 Member
    Good job, I have never been successful keeping the weight off but it hasn't stopped me from trying again.
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    Thank you for taking the time to post! This is so encouraging!:drinker:
  • pleasurelittletreasure
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    See, THIS is my plan! You are truly inspirational. I want to be the person who, three years from now, lets others know that I'm still around and still down with the plan. Way to 'keep the faith'!
  • sroujiyc
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    Wow! Way to go. You look amazing!!
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    That is really great! Losing it and then keeping it off. Congrats!
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    whats your secret? :D
  • tiggsnanny
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    Well done, that's a massive achievement, I think it's harder to keep it off than lose it :smile:
  • _Junko_
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    Fabulous achievement, you're awesome! Well done for maintaining too, it's a lot harder than people think sometimes! Junko
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    Great post . You look fantastic.
  • Wow, truely inspirational, well done you!
    It's my first week on MFP and I've got to lose just under the 100lbs. You've certainly given me hope :)
  • flumi_f
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    3 yrs in maintenance! Now if that isn't a success Story, I don't know what is!

    Well done!
  • crikey_katie
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    That's awesome. I have about 20-30 pounds to go, i WILL keep it off :)
  • knittingayle
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    Thank you for sharing -- now THAT is success!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!
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    Awesome! Thanks for posting and letting others know it can be done!
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    congratulations on your weight loss, and keeping it off for 3 years! You look wonderful.

    I have always said the only way to keep it off is to log each day. It became a habit for me and has saved my life when I was eating too little after a divorce and chronic health issues.

    Your post makes me feel more secure in my decision.

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    Awesome job!