Halfway to Goal and Need Motivation! (pics)

becbo22 Posts: 283 Member
Hey everyone.
My name's Becca, I'm 21, and I've been a member on this site for a little over a year.
In the past year I've lost about 62 pounds (give or take due to daily fluctuations) and managed to get myself off of blood pressure medication (BP meds at 21? Crazy, I know.).
I'm 5'11" and I started out in May 2013 at 302 pounds. Stepping on the scale at a doctor's office one day gave me a shock. I was over 300 pounds. I had always been a chunky kid and teenager but never really saw myself as "that big". But boy did my opinion change that day. I knew I had to do something. I knew I needed to change my life, and so I did. I started an active job, started making better food choices, and got myself on a healthier path. I've been pretty successful thus far, even with the plateaus and bumps in the road. My Ultimate goal weight is 180 and I'm about halfway there. I've had a throat infection for the past month, am currently on my second round of antibiotics, and I'm pretty bummed out that my weight loss has stalled due to my current inability to work out besides some walking. So now's where you guys come in. I could really really use some inspiration and motivation right now to get me past this stall, to where I'm healthy again and can work out more. Thank you in advance for any contributions :)

Here is my before and during:


Also, anyone who want to add me as a friend/messaging buddy, feel free!


  • 1973mikeg
    1973mikeg Posts: 54 Member
    Great job!!!
  • knittingayle
    knittingayle Posts: 98 Member
    Becca, you're looking great. Hopefully you'll feel better soon -- do keep walking until you feel good enough to resume exercise. It's a marathon, not a sprint (as you already know).
  • Sarahsteve7kids
    Sarahsteve7kids Posts: 146 Member
    You look fabulous !!! Hang in there! Days I can't exercise I remind myself that I got heavy because I over ate! Wow did I over eat. Lack of exercise isn't why I got heavy, eating too much was! So try NOT to sweat the lack of exercise, you'll get back to it! You do look GREAT! I'm impressed!
  • thecrushinator
    thecrushinator Posts: 76 Member
    You are doing GREAT! KEEP GOING!
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