265 to 185 .....photos of my journey(a lot of photos)

started at 265 lbs and miserable. one day i started and never stopped. i dont know why this one time worked(after trying hundreds of times before and failing) but im glad it did! hopefully this helps someone.

at 265

at 215



  • allison7922
    allison7922 Posts: 276 Member
    Amazing job!!
  • usernameMAMA
    usernameMAMA Posts: 681 Member
    Holy *kitten*, that's a huge change! Good job!
  • fooninie
    fooninie Posts: 291 Member
    Awesome! :drinker:
  • riffraff2112
    riffraff2112 Posts: 1,757 Member
    Wow.....you sound like Forrest Gump...'I just started running...and never stopped'

    On a serious note! Holy crap, very impressive and well done.

    Can tell you always had some muscle, but now it pops out and isn't hidden by a layer of fat. Nice job and keep it up. Take it to the next level and one day we will see you on the cover of Mens Health
  • dschassie
    dschassie Posts: 192 Member
    That some serious dedication and work you put in and it paid off. Great job!
  • Joyfulkneves23
    Joyfulkneves23 Posts: 79 Member
    Wow what a difference. Congrats, you look great!
  • Flacachica
    Flacachica Posts: 328 Member
    You look great. Thanks for sharing. :drinker:
  • Veil5577
    Veil5577 Posts: 868 Member
    Nice fish.. and you look great!
  • amitglinkedin
    amitglinkedin Posts: 223 Member
    Congrats buddy..superb job
  • wndrwmn86
    wndrwmn86 Posts: 507 Member
    Awesome job! You look incredible :flowerforyou:
  • AbbeyDove
    AbbeyDove Posts: 316 Member
    You look great! Congratulations!
  • nogutsnoglory7
    nogutsnoglory7 Posts: 45 Member
    WOW! You look incredible, you should be so proud :)
  • ohaston
    ohaston Posts: 218 Member
    OMG ... Thats all Im going to say... If I say anymore, my marriage may be in jeopardy!
  • ChaoticMiNd
    ChaoticMiNd Posts: 247 Member
    Woah! Excellent work!
  • bunbunzee44
    bunbunzee44 Posts: 592 Member
    oh woah. the pics just kept getting better :P awesome work!
  • Ytrid
    Ytrid Posts: 181 Member
    Look Great!!!!
  • focusedonfitness2015
    focusedonfitness2015 Posts: 240 Member
    Dare I say....DAAMMMNNNN! Nice job! You look fantastic :happy:
  • Ronij59
    Ronij59 Posts: 191 Member
    Well.....DAMN!!!!!! BOY! You did good son! You have to be very proud of yourself. Lots of hard work and dedication got you what you wanted and needed to make you feel better, healthier and lookin FINE!
  • hope516
    hope516 Posts: 1,133 Member
    hubba hubba :blushing: :blushing: :blushing:

    awesome job!!! :bigsmile:
  • allisonjforsyth
    allisonjforsyth Posts: 105 Member
    Wow!! Awesome job!! And fellow Clevelander, I assume?! Love my NorthEast Ohio Peeps! ;) How about them CAVS!!!
    Super amazing awesome transformation! Congrats!!!
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