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Lately, I've been getting a lot of messages on here from people who are criticizing me and my body because I am a vegan, since in their mind if you are a vegan you must be stick thin or you are a lying, cheating phony. I am so sick and tired of these messages since every single body is different. My full heart is in the vegan lifestyle as I have lost 40-ish pounds. Twenty of that forty was lost when I was a meat eater but I just ended up putting it back on, however when I went on a vegan lifestyle I was able to re-lose that weight and then some. So, sorry if I am not your typical idea of a stick thin vegan but I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I am built with wide hips, boobs and strong thighs at 5' 4". Therefore, I will be a size 12. I will never be super skinny. Get over it. People need to get it through their heads that just because someone doesn't fit their stereotype it doesn't mean that person is a failure or fraud. Be the best version of yourself, even if that upsets people. Simply remember that those who mind won't matter and those who matter won't mind.




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    you look great!

    I've never gotten that sort of comment, but I know people that have. There are so many yummy vegan foods its so easy to be a fat vegan. There is even a facebook group dedicated to all the yummy foods us fat vegans eat.
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    vegan food has hella calories in it. everytime i want a vegan cookie it has like a hundred more calories than the regular kind.... you can eat too much of anything. people can be ignorant. that's why there are overweight vegetarians, and skinny meat eaters. it has nothing to do with what you eat. it's how much you eat.
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    Great job! Love the vintage skirt. I eat vegan most of the time and always feel better when I do.
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    People tend to believe we survive on a series of salads! They ask us to come to eat at Olive Garden because they have a coupon. We say, but there's nothing at Olive Garden we can eat. They say, (I am reminded of the scene in "White Chicks," where the undercover detective posing as a woman is asked by his/her dinner companion:) "perhaps a sa-lad?" You expect us to sit down to a plate of weeds, with no dressing and no bread, and call THAT a meal? They think we are weedeaters.
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    Girl, you look great! Let the hater's hate... :)
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    Thanks guys! I have greatly noticed people tend to think we eat only things like grass....
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    Hey, I'm vegan too! :) I actually gained a lot of weight after I went from vegetarian to vegan 2 years ago. That was mainly because I stopped working out so much. I ended up gaining back the 40 lbs that I lost after going vegetarian 3 years before that. Now I'm bordering 200 lbs. It sucks being able to lose weight easily.
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    Someone is always going to have an opinion. There will always be people who think you are carrying too much weight, people who will think you are carrying too little, people who think you don't have enough muscle mass, people who think you have too much muscle mass. People who think your diet is crazy, people who doubt your diet and/or accuse you of lying/cheating, people who think 'their way' is the only way etc.

    I'm a raw vegan and I frequently get told that it's impossible to eat enough calories and that I *must* be having cheat days to 'top up' my weekly calories. I'm not so much curvy but I am reasonably fit. People seem to struggle with the notion that I can be healthy, active and raw.

    Let it wash over your back and don't let it get to you!
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    You look great in those photos, so whatever it is you are doing, keep it up. And whatever is making you healthy and feel great, again, keep it up.
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    You're a healthy vegan. An energy balanced vegan!
    Most vegans use it as an excuse to restrict. If you lose an insane amount of weight and/or go below your normal range just because you've switched the type of foods you eat, it just means you're not eating enough!
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    You look great in those photos, so whatever it is you are doing, keep it up. And whatever is making you healthy and feel great, again, keep it up.

    This. Why should you conform to some stereotype of what people think a vegan is? Let me do that. Unlike you, I don't look awesome as a size 12. Wish I did!
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    You look fabulous. Keep working toward your ultimate goal. People are often misguided about veganism, so just ignore them. My 17 year old has been a vegan for over two years for ethical reasons. She loves being a vegan.
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    I think you look fantastic - the kind of body type I want to have. Haters gonna hate - but the anger probably affects them more than it affects you.
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    I was a 333 pound vegan it's not what you eat it's how much and I ate far too much. Congratulations on your success so far
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    Thanks everyone! I wish everyone could boost each other up instead of breaking each other down. Espcially on this site, where the main point is support.
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    I get this CONSTANTLY. I was a vegetarian for over 10 years, and have been a vegan now for just over 1 year, and have been all over the scale. I've never been a small figured person, no matter what I ate, it's just not how I'm built. A lot if people don't seem to realize that there are more factors in a person's size than just what they put in their mouths. Stress, heredity, and overall genetic makeup are definitely among them. People are dumb, but keep your head up! :p
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    How can you tell if someone is a vegan?

    Don't worry - they'll tell you. And remind you if you somehow forgot.

    That's my only stereotype :)
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    What I someone w/ glowing skin, healthy beautiful hair...and killer confidence. THAT is what is important. Well...ur really pretty too - that doesn't hurt. ;)

    So I can totally tell you're a vegan - it shows. You look very healthy and happy -- everyone else is just jealous they can't stick to the strict lifestyle and put in the effort to cook good/real food.

    I'm barely a vegetarian - I eat Turkey and Chicken occasionally, and eggs - but I refuse to eat beef or pork. It's gross and meat is TERRIBLE FOR YOU!!!! I'm trying to stop eating the poultry, too - on my way! :) Change doesn't happen overnight. :)

    U GO GIRL! Hottie McTottie!
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    I am a mostly-vegan, always veg curvy girl (occasional local egg or vegetarian cheese)... 5' 5" (in shoes) and CW 147... GW 135. I actually had a cashier at Home Depot remark that she'd never seen a "thick vegan" when we got to talking about food. Ew.

    I eat really well, I've just had three kids and have always been curvy, especially if I am not lifting or running or something (which I was not). Vegan does not equal low calorie, unless we are very diligent about eating mostly plants. That's tough when you're busy.

    Anyway, we can be hot curvy vegans together. Screw 'em.
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    That's right guys! Let us all proclaim hotness because we are all attractive in our ways. Who cares about the stereotypes when it is sometimes fun to break them :wink: :bigsmile: