30 Day Shred Shame



  • Melonpaul
    Melonpaul Posts: 323 Member
    Don't worry about it so much, there's no need to feel ashamed. I did Day 1 at level 1 and I couldn't do it again for the next two days because my calfs were so sore from jumping, I'm going to try again tonight and deffinitely do some streching afterwards.
  • SandiT1010
    SandiT1010 Posts: 31
    I remember when I first did 30DS I literally couldnt get up off the toilet , my quads hurt to badly ! Stick with it, it will get better :)
  • Eleonora91
    Eleonora91 Posts: 688 Member
    When I started off I only lasted 7 mins of the 1st level.
    After a couple of months of free exercises, I was able to complete all the 3 levels with a bit of effort, but it was surely worth it. Just take your time. You'll be amazed to find out how much you can improve in a few weeks or months!
  • WalkingAlong
    WalkingAlong Posts: 4,926 Member
    There are advantages to being more unfit than Jillian. You burned more calories than someone more fit and you gained more strength and improved yourself more.

    I feel bad for the very fit people like my sister who can't find anything to challenge anymore them except running, and can't run often due to injuries.

    Us less-fits have it easy! In 30 minutes we can be reduced to a quivering mass of sweaty rubble! :happy:
  • engodwin
    engodwin Posts: 516 Member
    Don't give up!!! Those workout are hard. Own it! JM is a beast!

    Keep doing it every day - even when you hurt and it sucks - keep going. Do it until you can get all the way through the workout then move one.

    I've done it and I thought I was gonna die on day 1 (shoot more like every day) but I did it and I loved it and I will be doing it again!