Shin Pain While Walking

Long time lurker, first post! Hope this is in the right place.

Anyway, the lurking has paid off in the logging department, however I can't figure out what's going on with my shins. I recently started walking (trying to work my way up to running eventually) and I get this awful pain in my shins about ten minutes in. I don't think it's shin splints, as it goes away after sitting for five minutes. There is no muscle pain later on either, like when you work out.

Will this go away eventually? It really is making my walks much shorter than I intend them to be.


  • majope
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    A couple of things come to mind. First: shoes. If you're building up to running, make sure you have shoes that are appropriate for your feet and gait. For that, the best thing to do is get fitted at your local running store--preferably one where they'll watch you walk or run on a treadmill to check out your mechanics. Yes, it's more expensive than picking up a pair of sneakers at Target, but once the store fits you with a pair of shoes that work for you, you can pick up your next pair on sale somewhere.

    Second, a lot of people who start out walking over-stride because they're trying to walk fast. They are simply taking too long a step, and that can hurt the shins. If you think you're doing this, try shortening your steps and get into a rhythm of short, quick steps--you'll go just as fast as with the large strides, but with less strain on the legs.

    Best of luck with it!
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    Shoes are the most important thing to get, prior to starting an exercise program. If you're walking now intending on starting a jog, go to a speciality store that sells both walking and running shoes. They're a little more expensive, but they are worth every penny in additional cost.

    Often the sales person will ask that you remove your shoes and socks to watch you walk to see if you have any pronation problems, you then will try on several pairs before choosing the right one.
  • 2Bhealthier2
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    My son has suffered from this exact thing. He is 6'3'' and slender but if he walks long distances at a steady pace or even jump romping will give him major issues. We both researched a lot on this and it sounds like some people are more prone to it than others. Good news is that he started a full time job on his feet 10 hours a day wearing boots and it was still happening but after a month or so they went away. Every once in awhile it flares up but I don't think as bad as it use to.
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    All good suggestions! You also need to build up your shin muscles. Try writing the alphabet with your toes once a day, just moving your foot at the ankle. I used to get this when I started walking/ running, it should quit in a week or two.
  • Thank you everyone! These are all great suggestions. I'll definitely give them a go!

  • Vupe
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    We bought a calf stretcher. A simple plastic roller off Amazon. I stretch roll each leg ten times before work outs. I am a former soccer player and no longer have shin splints but this is a good way to stretch the area you are building on.
  • RHachicho
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    Just an FYI this is often a symptom of a fundamentally wrong way of walking. When a lot of people walk they move their foot far two forward and "land" on their shin. At his point pretty much all of your body weight presses down onto your shin and your body does not like doing that for long. When you walk you should attempt to land on the ball of your feet or on the middle of your foot. If your stride makes you land on your heels your steps are too long.

    the same with rope jumping the initial impact with the ground should be made by the ball of your feet if you land square on your shins you will hurt yourself.