App or book recs?

Zoise Posts: 98 Member
I am looking for recommendations of a good book or app (or cards) for dumbbell and body weight exercises, including abs. Not videos since I own several. This would be for when I was working out while watching TV.



  • azrubael
    azrubael Posts: 65 Member
    For body-weight workouts I am a huge fan of Neila Ray's stuff. Huge assortment of workouts you can print and do in the comfort of your own home with multiple themes.
  • jason_adams
    jason_adams Posts: 187 Member
    Have you tried Seven ?

    It's small circuits. Comes with one for free and you can buy others for a few bucks each.
    You can configure how many circuits you want to do, how long the work and rest intervals should be, and there's even different voices you can have when for when the app talks to you, but you can also mute it.

    I haven't really put it through it's paces, but I will in a few weeks when I'm on vacation from work and the gym. :)
  • Zoise
    Zoise Posts: 98 Member
    Thanks! I will check both out.