Help! I gained 7 pounds in one day?!



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    either that was a whole grocery store of food you cheated by, or just a LOT of sodium..i know after i eat chinese food (usually 3-4 plates at a buffet) my body bloats up 3 lbs heavier the next day..there are endless possibilities and reasons here..i wish i had to worry about being 130 pounds..we can trade bodies for a almost certain this weight will eventually come off too:wink:

    *i just saw how young you are too..holy crap ! you have your whole life to live..stop worrying about this right now..if you are freaked out now, i would hate to see what happens when you get pregnant and have kids, and gain 40 plus pounds from that*
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    ^^^This. I was about to post this link myself, but someone beat me to it. Great info there.

    One "cheat" isn't going to make you gain 7 pounds of fat. 3500 calories to gain one pound x 7 pounds = 24,500 extra calories consumed. So unless your "cheat" was to eat like 10 whole pizzas washed down by 10 liters of soda, you're probably fine. Stop weighing so much. Step away from the scale. Relax.
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    I predict one of two things will happen:

    1. You will take an enormous dump sometime soon and suddenly discover a miraculous way to lose 5-lbs in a matter of minutes.

    2. You will realize how ridiculous this sounds and understand how many calories it takes to gain 7-lbs of body fat.

    Your dumps must be the size of an adult cat. Ouch
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    Fluctuations in scale weight due to water retenion is not something to be concerned by.

    This however:
    (I didn't log it becauseit was too much and I'm too lazy)

    that right there is concerning. If, now and again, you just don't bother to log because it is hard and what you ate was "too much" then you are just going to sit there and spin your wheels.
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    :heart: Weight – So many things can affect weight, because of this it shouldn’t be the only way you track your progress. Things to keep in mind:
    :drinker: Always use the same scale – Different scales can show different weights. You will get the most accurate number for tracking when using the same scale.
    :drinker: Don’t move the scale – Carpet, uneven flooring, different types of flooring…can all affect the weight on the scale. So when you weigh, you want it to be approximately the same spot for the most accurate number for tracking.
    :drinker: 3500 calories – To gain 1lb of fat you need to be over maintenance by 3500 calories.
    :drinker: Muscle Repair – Muscles will hold onto water to repair, because of this it is not uncommon to see a gain for a little while after a workout. This weight comes right back off when they are done repairing.
    :drinker: Sodium – Can cause you to retain water. This can also be amplified if you don’t drink enough to flush it out of your system. This is also another reason for temporary weight gain.
    :drinker: Water – Not drinking enough water can actually cause you to retain water. Recommended amount is 8 cups or 64oz. I drink 64 oz to 128 oz of water a day. It doesn’t have to be plain water either. I like to flavor mine with crystal light or tea.
    :drinker: Time of day – Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day. So for the most accurate tracking, you want to weigh at around the same time.
    :drinker: Frequency – This is up to you, but if small fluctuations bother you than only weigh once a week or less.
    :drinker: Lightest Weight – Will be naked, first thing in the morning, after using the bathroom
    :drinker: Multiple times a Day – Don’t Do It. As I said before, your weight will fluctuate throughout the day. What you eat, what you’re wearing, ect will all affect weight.
    :drinker: Clothes – If you weigh with clothing on, keep in mind that the scale will show your weight plus the weight of your clothes. (Jeans are heavy)
    :drinker: TOM - A lot of women will retain water around their TOM, but its just temporary and will go away.

    This is a chart I made last year (using my own weigh ins) that shows day to day fluctuations. Notice how the overall trend is down:

    Measurements are better for tracking progress.
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    When I work out heavy I always weigh more the next day.
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    I looked at yesterdays food diary and your weight is up because of the amount of sodium you ingested. Cut out 1/2 the sodium, consume extra H2O to flush out your system, and you'll be back to normal this weekend.