Big, stocky legs-need some fashion tips!

Hey guys, anyone else have stocky, thick legs? I am finding that while pants (jeans in particular) fit me at the hips/waist, i can barely get them over my darned thunder thighs! I've always had big legs, even when i was a very healthy fit weight. I hate it! I am so much happier with my top half. What style of pants do the bigger-legged ladies wear? What do you find is flattering to not so flattering legs? I usually avoid pants as much as possible so i go skirts or dresses!!! anyways, help!


  • cdjs77
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    I, myself, prefer jeans with a little flare. I feel like they balance out my legs more than slimmer cut jeans. Boot cut are okay, but I still feel like the accentuate my big thighs and hips more than I'd like.
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    I love skinny jeans - they are all that I wear. My jeans have to have stretch in them though otherwise they will not fit both my waist which is smaller and my butt/thighs which are bigger. I've just embraced them - I work hard for them and they have shrunk a bit, but they are never going to be small.

    I haven't worn a pair of boot cut jeans in forever, but that's because I tuck my jeans into boots and I can't do that unless they are skinny jeans.
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    In your profile picture, you dont seem to have big, stocky legs or thunder thighs at all. You look slim.

    I have big thighs, wide hips, and a tiny waist. Certain cuts of pants will never fit me. I buy boot cut or ones that say curvy fit. Another thing that never fits me---any pants or jeans bought from junior stores such as Old Navy, Aeropostale, etc... Sizes that come in odd numbers ( 3,6,7,9, etc...) are Junior sizes. If you shop in stores like that, try switching to womens sizes which are even numbers--4, 6, 8, etc... I have never had a problem getting things past my thighs in adult stores.
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    I have a very small waist but have thicker thighs from having 3 kids and also I am very short.....I really like the Angels Brand Jeans I get them online off Ebay or Amazon. I usually buy the Bootcut ones or the Low Rise Flare. They are super comfortable and come a very large range of sizes. I also like the Fiorucci Brand of jeans or the Seven Jeans those seem to fit well also and be comfortable. I go for a darker wash it will make your legs look longer. And wear a small amount of heel. I have the sketchers shape ups with the larger heel on them for just walking and stuff.
  • Same problem with me! It's hard finding boots that would fit my legs. I often just settle with mid-high boots, which is not flattering :( I don't wear shorts or skirts because of this. Add to that that I'm only 5ft.
    You'll never go wrong with straight cut pants/jeans. And smile...a the focus is on the pretty face :)
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    I definnitely agree with the darker wash advice! I too have big legs/butt in porportion to the rest of my body :) I call them German peasant legs LOL!

    Keep the jean suggestions coming, I haven't really found any that I absolutely love yet (except for maybe Maurices, I seem to like one of there cut of jeans).
  • I have muscular legs, and my calves are HUGE. I'm seventeen, so what I wear may not be ideal for you. I know during the summer months, mid thigh shorts look AWESOME on me, they show off my muscular, sleek legs (and it doesn't hurt when they're tan.) For formal occasions, a nice pair of wedges (I wouldn't skimp on pumps or wedges) really give my legs extra "omph." But I notice.d when I wear heals or pumps, they make my legs look fat. And bootleg or straight leg jeans look great, I stray from skinny jeans because they make my legs look fat. My advice: Play up your legs, don't try to hide them.
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    I have the same issue. Eddie Bauer makes a curvy fit jean that fits me really well with my smaller waist and larger legs. They make it in stay shape form that has a nice amount of stretch to it. I avoid skinny jeans. In fact, straight leg jeans work like skinny jeans on my--i have them for when I need to tuck my jeans into boots or if I am wearing a longer tunic style top--then the tighter skinny type jeans look cute.

    I agree with above posts about a heel. I recommend having at least two pairs of dark wash jeans--one at a length to be worn with heels and another at a shorter length for flats or sneakers. I also agree that from your photo your thighs don't look huge, you look well proportioned.

    Stay away from jeans that have that fading on the front of the thigh--that is not flattering.

    Also, as far as skirts, I like knee length skirts for my short athletic build.
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    Levi's 515 are my favorite right now. I also think someone mentioned 529 as being good.
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    I'll have a look at some of those brand suggestions (probably have to be online they probably arent stocked in au) so ill trust in your advice lol! thanks so much guys, and i like the idea about the darker wash too. They have always been my least favourite part-i see girls with slender sexy legs and i get so jealous-i have a long torso and short thick legs. anyway thanks again everyone!
  • Have you seen Barbell Apparel Jeans?! They make jeans for those with muscular legs/butts and they're extremely functional so you never have to worry about ripping your jeans in the crotch ever again.!!!!! :smile:
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