Jeans--Ladies please help!



  • dad106
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    Lucky Brand

    Easy rider just went out of commission, but those were really good and there is another style in Lucky Brand which I forget the name, but I'll look it up.

    Also a Tailor... For 15-16 dollars, you can have the waist taken in so it fits.. and sometimes that is even better then hunting for the perfect pair of jeans.
  • I am built about the same - larger butt and thighs, small waist. I like wearing Wranglers Q-Baby jeans (they have elastic on the inside of the waistband to prevent gaps) or Old Navy Dreamer jeans (but they are harder to find in short lengths).
  • ashiggins
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    Wow, I really appreciate all the advice! During the next couple weekends, I will be looking at all these options! Thank you!
  • 010Elle010
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    PZI Jeans are great! I wear them quite often, their shipping is good to. Try them out.
  • healthyfoxx
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    FInding jeans that fit my hips, but aren't loose on my thighs can be rough. I have a pair of bootcut jeans by Jessica Simpson I found at TJ Max, and they fit my hips/waist wonderfully. They aren't low rise, but they don't go into the horrid mom-jean territory, either.
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    I have great luck with target merona jeans, fit 4 boot cut. I have bigger thighs than I do hips and these fit me well. Plus they are the perfect weight loss jeans because they are cheap and you can get a new pair without breaking the bank.
  • NicoleZ1515
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    Joes Jeans honey booty fit are nice, a bit pricier though. I've found good deals on ebay.
  • jw17695
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    I am definitely going to have to look into some of these brands. Thanks guys!
  • MashaSK
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    I like AG jeans ( Adriano Goldschmied), they also have models with high pockets which do not make butt look down
  • ccnjc4e
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    I am definetly pear-shaped. I go for a mid-rise, boot cut jean. That way, it's not too long on my waist, and it's not too tight on my thighs. I feel trousers and too loose(most of the time) flares are too tight, skinny is just out of the question.
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    I feel like whenever I talk to women about jeans, this is always the problem! I do not understand why it isn't easier to find jeans to fit our pear-shaped bodies since clearly there are a lot of us!
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    I have very similar measurements to you (27'' waist, 40'' hips, and 23'' thighs) and I really like Mossimo (Target brand) Fit 4 and Fit 3 jeans. Fit 3 is a straighter hip but for some reason, I can go down a size in them. Fit 4 is the curvy cut and it is my usual size. Having bigger thighs is a huge issue, I feel you :(. I also like some of The Limited's jeans as well, and the Old Navy Flirt skinnies when they still existed.
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    Levis! Go to the shop, get measured and fitted... they have many different cuts/styles/colors and are made extremely well.
  • Cindym82
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    express, old navy and hydrolics
  • Dark_Roast
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    I second the Lucky Jeans. They fit fabulous, without being stretchy. They down side is that they are really expensive unless you get them at Marshalls or Ross. But that's a hit or miss thing since they aren't always there.
  • Have you seen Barbell Apparel Jeans?! They make jeans for those with muscular legs/butts and they're extremely functional so you never have to worry about ripping your jeans in the crotch ever again.!!!!! :smile:
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    Jennifer Lopez jeans from kohls. They have great stretch and sit mid way.