Jeans for pear-shaped women



  • AmandaInGA
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    Lane Bryant has those 'fit right' jeans.. i would suggest going in and asking the sales person to help you find a size that fits you. that is where i got mine.
  • monicalosesweight
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    Do you have any stores like Avenue near you? They tend to carry a lot of styles of jeans (and bigger sizes which is great) and I always noticed that some are more narrow in the waist and others a little wider. Basically, the variety helps.They seem cut better so you don't have that gap sensation in the back. So far, their jeans have been pretty durable. My problem is that they closed the one nearest me due to rising rents in the complex. I now have to travel over an hour if I want to shop at any of their stores. They tend to carry some nice work stuff too. :smile:
  • dovesgate
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    I have the same shape and I got my jeans at Lane Bryant. It's all about the Right Fit. The saleslady will help you with the correct ones for your shape. I can get slacks from any store with no problem since they are made differently but the jeans must come from LB for now.
  • dizneedana
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    Diane Gilman jeans from HSN! They have give in them and don't have such a low waist where your 'behind' is playing peek-a-boo every time you bend over.
  • heycaryn
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    I USED to love Targets jeans, the fit 4, but they changed the way they fit and now I hate them. But since then I have discovered Old Navy jeans which fit SO perfect, just like my old Target jeans do. And they are the same price (~$20/pair). I found these fit just as well as the ~$90 Big Star jeans, and Lucky or Silver jeans.
  • Have you seen Barbell Apparel Jeans?! They make jeans for those with muscular legs/butts and they're extremely functional so you never have to worry about ripping your jeans in the crotch ever again.!!!!! :smile: