Ladies, what kind of jeans do you wear?



  • MelsAuntie
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    I very seldom wear jeans ( about twice in the past ten years) but when I do, boot cut, relaxed fit, normal rise ( no skinny or tight jeans or low-rise...I hate skinny jeans with a passion, they don't look good on anybody, and I wouldn't be caught dead in them. I'd wear comfortable looser-fit jeans with boots or sandals; NEVER with heels.)
  • I like skinny jeans, but I have a couple pairs of regular jeans too. I also love Jeggings!
  • Have you seen Barbell Apparel Jeans?! They make jeans for those with muscular legs/butts and they're extremely functional so you never have to worry about ripping your jeans in the crotch ever again.!!!!!