what do you drink in the morning?



  • victoire713
    victoire713 Posts: 720 Member
    Used to be coffee with French vanilla creamer. Now, it's whatever I feel like(usually either Gatorade, or water)
  • Green tea with vanilla creamer, so delicious
  • wrbiii
    wrbiii Posts: 151
    One LARGE cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of Italian Sweet Creme creamer, then I switch to water for the rest of the day (and some evenings have a Diet Dr. Pepper
  • rosehips60
    rosehips60 Posts: 1,030 Member
    BIG cup of coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
    AllonsYtotheTardis Posts: 16,947 Member
    Cappuccino. Sometimes I even open my eyes before making it.
  • VictoriaVamp
    VictoriaVamp Posts: 23 Member
    I like to try have a green tea but I don't always have any in and can't be too picky with being a student! I might have a cup of English tea too but drink water for rest of day, don't half wake me up that morning bru!! :)
  • FatOldManMN
    FatOldManMN Posts: 1,116 Member
    Orange juice; black coffee....no sugar
  • BarbieFromHellx
    BarbieFromHellx Posts: 758 Member
    Green tea
  • janellyf
    janellyf Posts: 74 Member
    Coffee, coffee and more coffee
  • Swiftlet66
    Swiftlet66 Posts: 729 Member
    Always water first thing. Then maybe later, depending on my mood I might have tea or a fruit smoothie but lately, I've only been drinking water. I don't really like other type of drinks now that I think about it.
  • SunofaBeach14
    SunofaBeach14 Posts: 4,932 Member
    Three or four cups of French press coffee, mostly black but also with creamer
  • Kr1sMar1e
    Kr1sMar1e Posts: 57 Member
    There is something other than coffee to drink? Who knew

  • lildynarider
    lildynarider Posts: 78 Member
    Lots of water and black coffee only way to kick off my day although lately I've been adding creamer to it. The coffee that is. I don't really know why I've just felt like doing it.
  • st0rmagedd0n
    st0rmagedd0n Posts: 417 Member
    The blood of the innocent.
  • lildynarider
    lildynarider Posts: 78 Member
    The blood of the innocent.

    :drinker: ba ha ha haaa
  • klbaierwalter
    klbaierwalter Posts: 309 Member
    Ice water all the way! As an occasional treat I will stop by our local coffee shop for a soy vanilla chai latte on my way to work. But that only happens maybe 1-2 times per month if even that.
  • JubeJewels
    JubeJewels Posts: 9 Member
    2 cups cold water then black tea. Sometimes I'll have a shake if I feel hungry.
  • Oi_Sunshine
    Oi_Sunshine Posts: 819 Member
    Right now, black breakfast blend from the french press. I drink coffee pretty much any way that coffee can be consumed.

    Yup, my coffee varies. I prefer freshly ground Kicking Horse coffee with a bit of 2% milk, but anything except instant with Coffee Mate will do. Sometimes I add crack, I mean sugar.
  • bergpa
    bergpa Posts: 148 Member
    At least 20 oz of Coke Zero, sometimes more.
  • kinkyslinky16
    kinkyslinky16 Posts: 1,470 Member
    Three or four cups of French press coffee, mostly black but also with creamer

    I don't drink my coffee black, but I love the French press. We have an espresso machine so I either make pomegranate green tea (instant hot water, woot woot) or a latte with Monin syrup. I suck at foam art but my husband isn't too bad. He puts shapes in my latte. He loves me :wink: