Loosing Hair Like Crazy...

Hello, it's been about 3 months? I started loosing weight and I lost about 15 lbs.
Ever since beginning of July, my hair started to fall out in bulks when ever i get in shower to wash my hair...

It's almost end of July and my hair is keep falling out... I lost almost half of my hair...

I also take multi-vitamins and it's not like i don't eat anything less.
I still eat mostly anything, both healthy and unhealthy.

I searched up little bit and I found out that many people loose hair during weight loss but this is worrying me bit much.
Should I go see a doctor?
Did this happen to anyone..? i'm getting worried if i'll get bald...


  • EmmaEVille13
    EmmaEVille13 Posts: 69 Member
    I would seek advise from a doctor. It could be stress or it could be a nutritional deficit. A friend of mine had the same while she also suffered from a lot of stress. She got some supplements / medication from her GP which helped a lot.
  • Winwin101
    Winwin101 Posts: 82 Member
    Firstly congrats on your weight loss. And secondly, you should definitely go to your doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong and to also put your mind at rest. The solution might be something very simple like a change of diet or the right kind of supplements but that is something your doctor would know. Good luck.
  • ElkeKNJ
    ElkeKNJ Posts: 207 Member
    my hear also fell out last time I did a low carb/high protein diet. I am following the slow version of that same diet now. Just one all protein-day a week (this week, that's on a Friday), and nog hairloss so far.
    I don't know whether that helps against the hairloss, but on such type of diet, the manager of the gym tells me you should always take potassium pills. Which reminds me, they have been sitting in the cupboard but I never thought of taking one since I started over last week...
  • nlbez
    nlbez Posts: 111 Member
    Me me me. Ive lost 47 lb since january and now on maintenance. I noticed my hair shredding a couple of months ago as i brush my hair over the sink and realised it was blocking up. Since then i notice it all the time. Ive spoke to a nurse about it and she says its normal if you have lost over 20 lb and as long as it is just shredding and not hair loss such as bald patches its fine and should stop within 3 months. X
  • nutmegoreo
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    How many calories are you consuming in a day? Sometimes a very restrictive diet will do this. If this is the case, increasing your daily calories will help, but it will take a while for your body to catch up on it's nutrition. I hope you get it figured out.
  • mary659497
    mary659497 Posts: 483 Member
    Please go to the doctor. I have very thick hair. There are days I lose some hair in the shower, but nothing like you are saying.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Are you severely restricting calories? Are you getting a good balance of macros (protein, carbs, fat)?

    Multivitamins are good but they only cover a portion of our body's needs. Eating too little and/or drastically changing your diet and/or starting to exercise a lot will put a lot of stress on your body which can also lead to hair loss.
  • dschassie
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    This happened to me. Everytime I would brush it or wash it it would come out in bushels. This was about 6 months into my new diet and exercise routine. I also took multivitamins and my nutrition was spot on. I thought it would stop after a few weeks and when it didn't, I became worried as my hair was thinning to the point that I could start seeing my scalp. I was crying everytime I got into the shower. Spoke with my doctor and they were clueless, told me it might be the diet change. My hair stylist cleared up the mystery just a bit when she suggested to not wear my hair so tight in a ponytail (I was working out everyday at that point). She suggested that this is causing extra stress on the hair in addition to me washing it every day after my workout (it's recommended to only wash every 2-3 days).

    This episode of hair loss lasted about 4-5 months and then suddenly stopped. My hair is growing back now and I am still not 100% sure what the original cause was!