Looking for new friends who are Fun Fluffy & Fiftyish



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    I'm so excited for you with that positive attitude how can you go wrong!
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    Hi Grammieto2! I'm 49 and have two grown daughters, a toddler and one nine year-old granddaughter! First time in my life I'm fluffy but I'm always fun! And perhaps we can keep each other motivated! Saw your post about the wine, I dig it. Have fun, that's what life is about. Especially after the hard work your body has endured to get rid of the bad boy (cancer). Of which I'm really proud of you and extremely happy you kicked its butt!
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    Hi Grammieto2, I'm new here, 50ish, no grandkids (I better not have any yet!) I have two teenage boys. I'm not so fluffy, but still a lot of fun, me thinks. Congrats on beating your cancer, I'm scared out of my mind because I have to go for a biopsy this month, had the ultra sound, cat scan...yada, yada. So, yeah, I'm freaked out, as only someone who's been there would know. So feel free to add me as a friend.:flowerforyou:
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    Hi Grammieto2! I'm new here also! It says I joined in 2011, but I never did anything back then! I'm 49, have two grown daughters and two grandkids. One is 8 years old and one is 2 months old! I like to crochet and hike. I also used to smoke (blech!). We have some things in common for sure. I'm trying to lose weight, once again. Oh, and I'm fun....like to laugh a lot and try to make others laugh. I'm fluffy in places.....and working on it! :bigsmile:
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    Hello :) 46yr old ( so kinda fiftyish ) father of 5, not a grandparent yet but definitely fluffy. No cancer but do have a bum ticker if that counts? Stay at home dad and the years off work have not been kind lol. Would love to have friends to work through this phase of my life with.
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    I’ve been here before, as many of us have. I’m re-joining because I just won’t give up. I’m a grandmother of 2, wife of 33 years, mother of two grown women, and I have one amazing son in law. I work full time, I hike when I can, I go geocaching, I’m into postcrossing, I like to crochet, I love to travel, and I just recently started a Red Hat Society chapter. I’ve been a smoker but quit in 2008, I’ve had various health issues including beating the crap out of Thyroid cancer this past year. All is well now and I’d like to go full force into changing and improving my life. I’m looking for some friends who are kind of similar. I’d love it if we could keep in touch often here and let each other know what’s going on in our lives.


    I am 43 almost 44. I have been morbidly obese for all my adult life. I would LOVE some friends that are ready to keep each other motivated.
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    I'm 54 and fun and fluffy and would like to join. I have about 60 pounds to lose and started 2 weeks ago. I'm just trying to change habits for my lifetime. This looks like a fun bunch!

    I've been married for 19 years, have a 19-year-old and a 17-year-old, hubby and I are both musicians and full-time music students. I finally get my bachelors in the Spring! Woohoooo!

    Look forward to getting to know everyone.
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    I will be 50 in october.. I am always looking for motivation and support.. Feel free to add me as a friend :)
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    Better act fast - in two months I'll be 60! I think I'm fun. Getting less fluffy as the months roll on (thank goodness!!!!) Just have a lot of lovely swingin, swayin skin to contend with!!! No husband, no kids, no grandkids, but do have two nieces I'm crazy about!
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    Fun, Fluffy and Fiftyish here! Friend Request sent.
  • I seriously can't believe how many of us are in the same or similar situations in our lives. This is a great support system that's forming here. Thank you all and Happy Monday!!

  • Hello again all, new friends are always encouraged. I wish you all well and hope you have a happy and healthy day ahead.

  • I am Fityish and don't want to be fluffy. That is why I am here HAHA! I have restarted several times. But hey I am still in the game.
    :noway: Not giving up!
  • Hi to everyone on this Topic.
    I am soon to be 59 years old and basically don't want to look fat and frumpy anymore. I hate looking at photographs of myself and they get posted on Facebook all the time! I am a mother of one lovely son, step-mother of two grown-ups and grandmother of 3 beautiful girls. I want to be able to see them grow up and have kids of their own and still be able to keep up with them.
    I used to have a reasonable figure in my youth and, despite not being very athletic, started running in my 40's but a hysterectomy put an end to that and the pounds piled on. I started again about 2 years ago and entered the 10 mile Great South Run but had to have an op for a torn cartilage six weeks before so I only did run/walk (although I did complete it) and I haven't run since. My husband is very protective and is not happy about me wanting to run again.
    I am starting a new job on 1st September and am checking out new clothes; would love them to be in a size smaller.
    It is my 10th wedding anniversary on October 26th and my wonderful husband is taking me back to where we got married. I want to be able to fit into some decent clothes, if not the outfit I wore for our wedding.
    I have just started Workout 1 of "Run Your Butt Off" and need plenty of motivation and encouragement.
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    Hi, I am 51, like to have fun and fluffy! I'm working on getting rid of the fluffy part! I am not a grandmother, but mom to an almost 13 yr. old in middle school. I lost 10 pounds back in 2012 with the help of a nutritionist and did some logging on MFP. Well, I gained the 10 pounds back and here I am again! I did it before, so I know I can lose it again! It just takes time and perseverance. Please feel free to add me.
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    If you look at my profile, you'll see we have a lot in common. Please add me if you'd like!!
  • Thanks for your responses; friend requests have now been sent.