How long did it take you to lose your first 10?



  • tbrown1974
    tbrown1974 Posts: 30 Member
    6 weeks. I was losing small but steady during that time.
  • kvansanity
    kvansanity Posts: 108 Member
    About 6-8 weeks for me. (135 to 125)

    People that are losing more than 2 pounds a week are usually either starting at a much higher weight (they have a higher BMR and cutting significant calories has a bigger effect), or are losing a lot of water weight (easy to do in ways that don't involve counting calories). So don't let their weight loss time discourage you.

    Remember, 3500 calories (approximately!!) equals one pound!
  • keefmac
    keefmac Posts: 313 Member
    2 months for 6kg for me, didn't go mad with the diet just a gradual loss from 90 kilo starting weight.
  • JosieRawr
    JosieRawr Posts: 788 Member
    Just under 2 months from 181 to 171. Only lost 3 pounds the last month, but losing is losing and the bigger my deficit the less likely I personally am to stick with it :)
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,118 Member
    10 weeks, slow, steady, and permanent. I didn't have a lot to lose and I had a modest deficit, so it took a while. I've kept it all off for over 3 years!

    If you have a lot to lose I would expect the first 10 to fly off pretty quickly, then the loss usually slows a little as your body adjusts and the excess water weight is depleted. The closer you are to goal the slower the weight seems to come off.
  • xoxsahara
    xoxsahara Posts: 58 Member
    2 months and a half and I've got about 40 more to go!
  • itsbasschick
    itsbasschick Posts: 1,584 Member
    i lost 10 from may 1 to may 25. after that i started losing about a pound a week.
  • TheBookSiren2316
    One month to the day.

    But I have a lot to lose, and Ive completely changed all my eating and workout habits. I went from a sedintary pop drinker, to pop free and full on training basically over night. My goal is to only lose 1-2lbs a week, and I expect my losses to slow down to that once my body adjusts to my new life style.
  • Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel
    3 weeks, from 191 to 181
  • nursing_hopeful
    It took me 3 weeks.

    I think it depends how much you have to loose.

    How do I put this tackfully? I was told by a fitness instructor, if you have a considerable amount to loose, the weight comes off quicker initally, if you've a couple of stone to loose it comes off slower.

    I dont know if it's true but thats what i was told. :-)
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    So far... 11 weeks to lose 8.25lbs :cry:

    Started at 217.75 19th May 2014 and today (3rd August 2014) I'm 209.50.

    5'8". Fifty years old. Female. Aiming to lose 77lbs in total.
  • ddkphotos
    ddkphotos Posts: 304 Member
    11 lbs in 11 days... It slowed a lot after that... Don't quit when it does!