New here...looking for friends

Hi! Just started last week with Fitbit and My Fitness Pal. Totally loving the motivation and ability to track my nutrition. I'm looking for friends to help keep this fresh and fun. Send me an invite!


  • bakokari57
    bakokari57 Posts: 34 Member
    I joined last year but really started using MFP in March. Will send you a request. The community here is great to keep you motivated and accountable!
  • Welcome to MFP!
  • nitag
    nitag Posts: 706 Member
    Hi and welcome.. i sent you a friend request... here is a link to add me as your fitbit friend...
  • SeptemberLondon
    SeptemberLondon Posts: 151 Member
    I'm about 3 weeks in and recently started adding friends because it keeps me invested. It really does make a difference. And I'm so inspired by all your stories and I love getting new meal ideas.

    Anyone can feel free to add me. I keep my diary open, so feel free to comment on that as well. Best of luck everyone!