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Looking for support. I'm a 59 year old female and I've been heavy most of my life. I'm 5'4" and weigh 294 lbs. Last week something happened to give me a wakeup call. Since then--I have been dedicated to losing this weight. Last week I weighed myself at 300 lbs. So I've lost about 6 lbs in the last seven days.

I went shopping with my husband who's also overweight, but not as bad as I am. We bought a ton of dark leafy veggies, fruits and berries. I've been making green smoothies and drinking Matcha green tea three times a day now.

My knees and joints were hurting so bad that I could hardly walk. I was stiff every single morning to the point it was so painful I was eating 800 mg of Ibuprofen just to ease the pain. I have cut dairy and the bad carbs out of my diet and have stuck to it for the last week. I'm already feeling better and joints not hurting as bad.

My doctor had suggested beriatric surgery and when I checked into it, they told me I had to wait 8 months and lose 40 lbs before they would even consider the surgery for me. Since then, I've changed my mind about the surgery. I decided that if I can lose 40 lbs--I can lose the rest without surgery. After all--all the surgery does is prevent you from stuffing your face. It's all in the mind and being determined to do something.

Also, I have a friend who had the surgery. She also weighed 300 lbs. Five years ago she looked great after losing 150 lbs from the surgery...last week she came to visit and she'd gained weight to the tune of almost 80 lbs again and very heavy again. This was an eye opening experience for me telling me that surgery is not going to help if I don't make the decision myself to change my life and mindset about food.

So here I am at the beginning of my journey and I am determined to do this. After reading some of the testimonies of people here have lost over 100 and more lbs without the surgery--I know I can do this. I plan on posting my progress as I go to help encourage others as well.


  • I'm rooting for you! I too just joined the sight.
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    Good for you! I'm 57 and when I started was back at MFP in March was over 300 too. It was a wake up call from my doctor who when he was changing my diabetes meds told me "I can prescribe medication all day long, but if you don't change your life, it won't make any difference." Wow! From that point on I started using MFP, eating healthy and walking. Now down almost 35 pounds. I'd like to add you as a friend, I find the accountability and positive support a big part of my success. Have a great day!
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    You can do this. It's a long, hard road but you're right. If you can lose the 40 pounds on your own, you can keep on losing. There's no instant gratification in losing it the hard way but it is important that you try to keep the end goal in mind. Personally, I've lost 34 pounds and I keep gaining and losing the same 10 pounds so I'm definitely not where I want to be but I've kept most of it off, which is important to me and why I keep coming back and trying to move forward.

    Don't deprive yourself. Don't starve yourself. Eat what you want to eat when you want to eat it or you will end up craving it so much, you'll stop everything just to have it. Use your food diary and write down EVERYTHING even if it hurts you to do so. Be honest with yourself about what you eat.

    Don't give up. You CAN do this!
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    We really do need each other for support. I can't believe just reading some of these testimonies has given me so much more hope for success.

    My knees still hurt and walking is really painful after a short distance for me. I have a Nordictrack exercise bike that I've been using and swimming in my pool as often as I can. I'm so determined to do this--I know we can do this. I have lost 6 lbs in the last seven days. It's coming off fast right now and I know that will taper off and slow down after a while.

    I need to educate myself a lot better and keep reading labels and counting calories and carbs. Just cutting out the dairy, bad sugar and sticking to whole foods the last week has made such a huge difference.

    I haven't really figured out how to use all of the site features and fields, but I will eventually. Just found this site today! We can do this!
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    You can do this.. I am back at it... I was told I didn't qualify for the surgery :) however, that is a good thing but l was looking for an easy fix. Nothing is easy so here I am trying to lost the same 66 lbs again... But this time I need to do it for me...

    Good luck and remember we are here for you..
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    Yes, yes--I agree with you that there's no quick fix. I have sat down and thought about this for a long time now and I know that unless I dedicate myself to making a lifestyle change that I'll end up like my friend who gained her weight back after surgery. This is something that I know I will have to watch every day for the rest of my life. I also realize that I need help, support and encouragement. This site is absolutely wonderful just reading how many people have been so successful and without having to go through dangerous surgery to do it.
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    Thank you all for the friends requests. Please forgive me for being a little slow figuring out how the site works. I'm still exploring all of the features here. Again--thanks so much.

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    I'm about 3 weeks in and recently started adding friends because it keeps me invested. And I'm so inspired by all your stories!!

    Anyone can feel free to add me. I keep my diary open, so feel free to comment on that as well. Best of luck everyone!
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    You can do it. You are already starting to lose weight that is great. Keep talking to people that encourage you and will lift you up…. yeaaaaaaaaa I can't wait to see your skinny healthy fab pics……….. Remember today is the best day of your life…..
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    You can do it!!!!
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    sooooo.... since there are some new folks here:

    1. don't trust the initial setup that MFP provides. If you put in the wrong/inaccurate information, it'll tell you to eat an amount that may not be applicable.
    2. Make sure you eat enough.
    3. Figure out what works for you and is sustainable/healthy/long term.
    4. avoid fads. don't buy in to any "Hey, try the twinkie and vodka diet"
    5. Don't cut out anything now that you don't plan on literally giving up forever.
    6. GET A FOOD SCALE. Weigh everything. No, seriously.
    7. Get an HRM with a chest strap. You'll at least have a better idea of what you're burning. It'll be more accurate than the generic info in the exercise database.. and even more than the cardio machines. This is great for steady state cardio (run/walk/etc)
    8. Don't go balls out. You'll burn out. I see 300 lb people show up here, instantly start working out and cutting their intake SEVERELY... trying to cut out all of their carbs at once.. whatever. Take it slow. Figure out how much you need to eat FIRST in order to lose.. then incorporate exercise.
    9. Don't cardio yourself to death.
    10. Take the information on the forums with a grain of salt. A lot of people that have been here for a while.. and have been successful, may seem jaded. They give out GREAT advice day after day, only to be met with people that refuse to listen.
    11. Eat real food. Not diet food. Not "low fat, sugar free, now without X." It's easier to get/find/count.
    12. don't set time restrictions.
    13. measure yourself weekly. Don't just weigh. Measure and take pictures.
    14 BE PATIENT.
    15. Avoid forum topics that have "1200" in the title. It's just full of butthurt. Lots of it.
    16. If you ask a question on the forum, give as much information as you can ("yes, I have a food scale and weigh my food" is worlds better than "I eat a palm full of miscellaneous boiled chicken parts..sometimes.")
    17. Be honest with yourself and honest with us.
    18. This isn't a game, it's about changing your lifestyle. Do that.

    pretty much that.

    ...and don't fall into the "1200 calorie" vertigo of suck because of:

    the typical MFP users does this:
    1. I wanna lose weight, let's try MFP.
    2. OH! Wow, it tells me I can lose 2 lbs a WEEK? AWESOME!
    3. I just sit at a desk when I'm not working out, I guess I'm sedentary.
    4. MFP tells them 1200 calories, and they don't even eat that.. then they work out on top of it.. creating an even bigger deficit.
    5. Lose a lot, fast, brag about 1200 calorie success.
    6. Come back in a few months trying to figure out why they're dizzy, tired, not losing weight.
    7. Get on the forums, ask why they aren't losing.
    8. Get two responses (I eat 1200 and lose) (I eat 2200 and lose)
    9. Argument ensues about who is right.

    Now. That being said. These threads happen hundreds of times per day. Most times, and I mean really.. seriously.. 95% of the time.. people get the 1200 number because they don't put the right information in when they set up the account. There are a great number of people that are trying to help. I'm one of 'em.

    I'm a hardcore advocate of actually finding out what works for the individual.. by means of other calculators, averages, time, practice, and patience.

    Blanket prescriptions of 1200 calories "because it worked for me" is more harmful to the generic new user than the "figure out what you need to eat." Unfortunately, one is a LOT easier to type.

    Find out what you need: http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/

    and make sure to read: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/1080242-a-guide-to-get-you-started-on-your-path-to-sexypants

    ...and here's another approach.

    Block off 6 weeks. log EXACTLY what you eat for those six weeks, weigh at the beginning, weight at the end. If you've lost, you're eating under your TDEE. If you haven't lost, congrats.. you found your TDEE, if you've gained... then you're above TDEE.

    From there, look at how much you lost or gained and you have a rough estimate of how to shift your intake to balance it out.

    Online calculators are great, but they're just estimates. They give you decent ideas for starting points. From there, it's on you to fine tune it.
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    hi, and welcome. this works if you give yourself a chance. this thread was posted recently, and I responded to that. there is a LOT of good advice and words of wisdom here:


    also,read what trogalicious wrote to you here, and read the links given. congratulations for knowing that this will have to come from you in order to be successful long-term. it's nice your husband is on this journey with you. your success is entirely up to you, though, but nice he will be supportive. good luck to you.