Protien Powders

Is there much of a difference between "body fortress super advanced" whey protien and "arnold iron" whey protien powders? Also, if you use whey (I use chocolite) what do you put your scoops of protien in? I put mine in silk pure almond milk.

Also, do you have better protien powder suggestions then whey?


  • marieamethyst
    marieamethyst Posts: 869 Member
    No other suggestions (I use Body Fortress), but I mix a scoop in my last cup of coffee in the morning. Tastes like hot chocolate, and keeps me satisfied until lunch.
  • FireStorm1972
    FireStorm1972 Posts: 1,142 Member
    I use Body Fortress Whey Isolate. Like chocolate , trying vanilla now and not bad. I eat mix with water or 2 cups Almond Milk. Works out to 200cals
  • monolith66
    monolith66 Posts: 168 Member
    No, no difference.... they're both pretty terrible.. equally ;)