What's your favorite kitchen appliance/tool?



  • Icandoityayme
    Icandoityayme Posts: 312 Member
    Scale, measuring cups and spoons and my skillet that things just slide right off of.
  • FatFreeFrolicking
    FatFreeFrolicking Posts: 4,252 Member
    Cuisinart food scale and George Foreman grill.
  • StraubreyR
    StraubreyR Posts: 631 Member
    1. My cast iron skillet. It was my grandmother's, and I'll take it over modern non-stick any day!

    2. My Wusthof knives

    I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, which I love as well, but I don't use it nearly as much as I use the other two things.
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 7,014 Member
    Cast iron griddle pan. i grill both meat and veg on it.
  • Alisontheice
    Alisontheice Posts: 9,624 Member
    Kitchenaid Mixer for sure. Also my Kitchenaid handblender. Both I use all the time. I love Kitchenaid
  • chachadeb
    chachadeb Posts: 275 Member
    OXO food scale.
  • OKfarmgal
    OKfarmgal Posts: 160 Member
    Food Scale ????
    Juicer ????
    Keurig ☕
  • socajam
    socajam Posts: 2,526 Member
    Vitamix - nothing compares
  • vmatare
    vmatare Posts: 10
    mini blender for smoothies, dressings,etc. I work early in the morning (gotta be [email protected]), so smoothies keep me on time and on track on mornings that I work. They are good snacks too. I bought mine at a garage sale & love it more than I thought I would!
  • lna_1981
    lna_1981 Posts: 696 Member
    Dishwasher for sure ^_^
  • My Keurig machine!
  • Building_Bulk
    Building_Bulk Posts: 20,596 Member
    My magic bullet since I use it so much for protein shakes
  • My Pyrex Snapware containers, they're the best.Bought them at Costco. Appliance wise I'd have to say my ceramic knives.
  • ValerieMartini2Olives
    ValerieMartini2Olives Posts: 3,041 Member
    Kitchenaid stand mixer
    George Foreman grill
    Hamilton Beach Bebe blender
  • _SantaClause
    _SantaClause Posts: 335 Member
    Coffee Pot.

    I think I paid $10 for it, a year ago...but it's great.

    People that spend $100+ on a coffee maker make me laugh
  • Tracyd262
    Tracyd262 Posts: 63 Member
    my coffee machine
  • Scale and microwave
  • infinitevast
    infinitevast Posts: 875 Member
    My margarita maker
  • Magenta15
    Magenta15 Posts: 850 Member
    all of them! lol

    dishwasher - hate dishes

    spiralizer -my new fave addicted to zoodles!

    food processor, with all this healthy eating makes chopping veg a breeze
    my trusty knives always

    my kitchen aid mixer.... LOL i love to cook and i love my gadgets)

    ooh my microwave rice cooker!
  • My coffee grinder!