any low-calorie high-protein snacks?

FarahSyria Posts: 12 Member
Hello guys,
I HATE eating proteins :-( my protein sources are meat,chicken and tuna wish i can't stand anymore..
my daily protein goal is 60 gr wich i rarly achieve :-(
Any ideas for high-protein yummy snacks?!


  • wizzybeth
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    I don't think there is such a thing as "high protein" and "low calorie" in the same snack. If you're tired of meat, fish, and tuna - try eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, or get a protein bar.

    You can try protein shake mixes - but I bought one and it was gross.
  • lamps1303
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    The best protein source is eggs, specifically egg whites so load up on them. If you want to keep the calories low just eat the white. I always get a protein kick from protein bars and shakes. You can also buy loads of different protein-based snacks, like muffins and cookies, from pretty much every supplement store, put some are fairly high calorie.

    If you're sick of red meat, chicken and tuna you could try quorn, turkey and other fish, like salmon, troud, mackrel, telapia, cod, etc. There are loads of protein sources other than just chicken and tuna!
  • Raynne413
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    I LOVE edamame, and it is relatively low calorie with a good amount of protein! I use protein bars sometimes to supplement, but I always like getting my protein from more natural resources IF I can. Greek Yogurt is usually pretty good, too. Cottage cheese, Various jerkies. . .
  • ashlando
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    Hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt would be the two best options, in my opinion.

    Also, just plain cold cuts are a great snack and low calorie. I prefer Boar's Head or Applegate Farms.
  • ninav1980
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    80 calorie Danon Greek yogurt has12 grams of protein

    also, quest bars have a pretty good calorie to protein ratio, the chocolate brownie bar is 170 calories and 20g of protein,

    I also like 100 calorie muscle milk, 15 grams of protein, tastes like a milkshake-and its sugar free
  • HellsKells
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    80 calorie Danon Greek yogurt has12 grams of protein

    I can't recommend these enough! They're delicious, filling AND have a good amount of protein without breaking your "budget". =)
  • cdahl383
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    Beef jerky, string cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, protein shake/bars, etc. Shouldn't be too hard to get to 60g of protein eating some of that stuff everyday.
  • WombatHat42
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    have a protein shake with fruit or eat nuts, tofu, beans. not all protein is from meat products. or perhaps spicing things up can help make them appealing again. when i get bored of plain chicken i will marinate it and make tikka masala or something

    personally my favorite option is 250-350ml milk w 2 bananas some strawberries and blueberries 1 25g scoop whey protein and blend it together. low cal and fills me up for most of the day. and a great meal replacement
  • xcalygrl
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    Beans, lentils, quiona, tofu, tempeh, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, a protein shake, greek yogurt, and leafy greens, among what others have metioned.
  • MS954
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    I have a great Protein shake for you it's from Body Logix it's Gluten free, no artificial ingredients, sourced from Grass- Fed Cows. "Natural Whey" is the name I like the dark chocolate, then I put a frozen banana in it, 2 tbs of Ovaltine Chocolate Malt, I use Almond milk sugar free vanilla 30 cal in 8 oz. I freeze close to the 8 oz of the Vanilla Almond Milk and the Banana. It's so good and it totals under 300 calories. sorry 24 gr of protein