women maintaining at 2000 cal/day

I'm a 5' tall, 45 year old small framed woman, maintaining at 126#s on about 2000 cal per day.

I've been maintaining for about 2 weeks at this level. I'd like to hear from other women who are maintaining around that level or more.

If this is you, please tell me what your day is like, as in activity level, exercise etc.

I walk about 3 miles per day & weight training (compound lifts) 3 x weekly.


  • tabicatinthehat
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    I'm jealous.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    Actually, I'm set to gain .5 a week at 1970kcal per day. I think I'm going to up it to a straight 2000, though.
  • SezxyStef
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    I have been eating 2k a day for the last 6 weeks...lost 1.7lbs net...so my maitenance is 2137 apprently...

    I maintained on 2k for about 3 weeks then my weight started creeping down...

    my activity is lifting 3x a week 3x5 sets and I walk 1.5miles - 4miles 3-4x a week...

    My day is spent at a desk with multiple trips for water/bathroom breaks and manage about 5k steps, out and about at the house doing house work another 5k, I average about 13k steps a day including workouts.

    My food is pretty normal, regular bbq stuff, salads, some drinking, treats etc.

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    ETA: I am currently 151.5 and 5 ft 7 and 41 (almost 42)
  • BombshellPhoenix
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    I'm 5'3.5" maintaining 120 lbs around my current intake of 2300ish. I'm trying to bulk though, so I'll probably be upping it a little.
  • kdiamond
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    I'm 37, 5'4, 113-115 pounds and maintain on 2000. I'm pretty active though.
  • zyxst
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    Not intentionally maintaining (set to lose .5/week, yo-yoing 3# the past 4 months), but that's what's happening. :angry:

    5'1", 43y/o, 175#, very active (lots of walking daily).
  • swimmermama
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    I'm 34 (when did that happen???), 5'8", about 125 lbs, maintaining around 2100 or so.

    I do strength training 3x a week and some cardio once or twice a week. I try to walk 20-30 minutes in the morning because I have a desk job all day. Bleh.
  • yankeedownsouth
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    I'm 5'7", 45 years old, 130 pounds. I'm maintaining at around 2000 calories a day or a bit more. I lift 3 times a week, one day of light to moderate steady state cardio, plus whatever activities I can cram into a weekend. Went kayaking for the first time last weekend!! :)
  • williams969
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    Me: 38yo, 5'6", 145lbs

    I'm still in weight loss mode (I think? Maybe switching to recomp next month when I gain access to free weights). Currently a "sedentary" person, with 3 hrs/wk of body weight training and 3hr/wk of cardio (mix of running, HIIT, walking--whatever I feel like doing).

    I estimate (based on my "way too deep analysis" spreadsheets) my maintenance at about 2000-2100 calories. Once I start the heavy lifting, I will reassess what my calorie needs are. I hope not too much different (I definitely don't want less...).
  • bciloveme2014
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    I am 5'7", 43, 147 and I had been in maintenance for almost 3 months eating 1920 to 2100 calories.I workout 3x per week and one day of pilates, I had been loosing little weight so this week I upped my calories to 2160.
  • xcalygrl
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    I'm 5'8, 25, and 180 pounds. I maintain pretty well on about 22-2300 a day.

    I lift 3 days a week, run 4-5 days (5ks), and do a long hike 1 day a week (12+ miles).
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    Thanks everyone who replied so far!

    ...bumping for additional input :wink:
  • Zelinna
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    I am 5'7 and 147 Lbs. I have been maintaining since November of 2013 at around 2400 calories. My actual daily intake varies between 1800 and 3000 depending on the day, but averages out to 2400.

    I try to do weights 3x a week and play roller derby 2x a week, plus daily dog walks of 30-50 minutes. I also try to throw in some HIIT workouts on my days off from lifting and derby, so that usually ends up being only once a week. I take weekends as rest days from working out, but usually end up doing some sort of activity.
  • husseycd
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    I'm 38, 5'5", and right around 130# (it fluctuates day to day). I maintain on 2100-2200 cal/day. I lift weights 3x/week, do some sort of aerial fitness 3-5 x/week and do other minor exercise a couple times a week--usually a walk or 30-45 min mountain bike ride or leisurely bike ride to the bar. :drinker:
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Well I'm much bigger than you are. 5'9" and 160lbs. I maintain at 2500 and lose at 2000 plus exercise calories. I have a desk job but am pretty active outside of working hours, cleaning, walking, chasing kids. I lift twice a week and try to mountain bike 1-2 times a week for 1+ hours.
  • sistrsprkl
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    I'm 5'8", 34, and 150lbs. I've been (unintentionally) maintaining at around 2000 for a while. I do yoga twice a week, TRX once, and also do HIIT and weight machines. I have 2 small children so I'm running after them a lot as well.
  • fitandfortyish
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    I'm 5'7", 46, 128 lbs and maintain at 1900 cals. I do about three hours of cardio a week (ride my bike to work) and do weights 3x per week
  • BinaryPulsar
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    I'm 5'2", around 102 pounds, very small framed. I have my calories set at 1900, but need to go over that for my fluctuations in activity level.

    I usually walk at least 40 minutes most days, lift weights around 3 times a week usually, I'm on summer break with my kids for 2 months, but during the school year I dance part-time, teach/choreograph, and perform. During the summer I dance recreationally at least once a week. I swim and play with my kids. I enjoy activity.
  • essjay76
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    Hi. I'm 4'10" 102 pounds and have been maintaining at an average of 2000 calories a day for the past three years. I initially lost 10 pounds in early 2011 when I first joined MFP.

    There are low and high days, of course, depending on my activity level.

    I am an avid runner and can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories a day, or sometimes 1000 calories a day on a long run.

    I run about 5-6 times a week (40-50 miles per week), 6-10 miles a day on the weekdays, 12-20 miles on the weekend, bike/mountain bike once a week, lots of walking. I'm usually training for some sort of endurance event like a marathon, etc.

    p.s. I also wear a FitBit and it's helped me tremendously in terms of maintaining. I trust the TDEE readings and averages.
  • Rogiefreida
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    I eat about 2050-2100 calories a day average; have been eating there for about 2 months now and have a net gain of 0.5 pounds. I was aiming to do a cautious slow bulk to gain more muscle before I cut and compete next year but apparently I maintain at the level I thought I'd bulk at.

    I'm 31, 5'5" and 145 pounds , I run a chain of auto repair shops so I do a mix of desk work and running around in circles all day long and take between 7-10k steps a day. I also lift 4 times a week and sporadically do cardio (have lots of ankle issues so the cardio is real hit and miss).