What supplements/vitamins do you take?



  • maizerage66
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    Vitamin C
    Folic Acid
    Fish Oil
    Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts
    Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
    Whey Protein
  • misselleknits
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    Vitamin D3 coz without I won't make any coz I have vitiligo (I was so low at one point my levels were less than 10, practically unreadable and I had to take 50,000 units once a week for 4 weeks then back to 1,000 units daily).
    B-complex coz I'm vegan and need the B12, but since the B vitamins all work together it best to take a complex and make sure I get them all
  • i was taking:
    bladderwrack (seaweed (full of iodine))
    Vitex (angus cactus/chasteberry)
    saw palmetto
    maca root
    vitamin d
    iron (just a couple days during TOM otherwise i'm narcoleptic)

    vitamin D
    iron (just a couple days during TOM otherwise i'm narcoleptic)

    the others did nothing for me and i was on them for a few months!
  • LoneWolfRunner
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  • mticktin
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    I used to take a multivitamin daily until I read research suggesting that supplemental selenium and/or vitamin E may be tied to an increased risk of prostate cancer. (http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/selenium-vitamin-e-supplements-increase-decrease-prostate-cancer-risk-201402287059?utm_medium=App.net+Broadcast&utm_source=PourOver)

    After that I did my own research on the benefits of vitamins and minerals, as well as what the typical natural food sources of said vitamins and minerals would be. Based on that, I thought about which I likely already get plenty of given those sources and my typical diet, and came up with a list that I felt would fill the gaps.

    I currently take the following daily:
    Vitamin A (as beta-carotene)
    Vitamin B Complex
    Vitamin C
    Calcium w/ Magnesium and Vitamin D-3
    Fish Oil
  • catic32
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    Omega3 + Vitamin D
    Iron with Vit B12
    Suppose to start taking B2
  • Right now I take a probiotic, Vitamin D (low sun climates stink... constantly deficient), and Iron for my anemia.
  • loril13
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    multi vitamin, calcium and Vitamin D per doctor's recommendation.
    glucosomine chondrotin - stopped taking it for a while to see if I noticed a difference. Holy h*ll did I.
    potassium - trying to get levels up through food, then will stop supplement.
  • zman1313
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    GNC multi, GNC fish oil, whey protein
  • Empty_Calories
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    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B-Complex
    Fish Oil
    Potassium + Magnesium

    Some days:
    Calcium + Vitamin D-3
    Psylium Seed Husks
    Fiber + Probiotics

    I've also tried (but no longer take for a variety of reasons):
    Green Tea Extract
    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I have a couple friends who are doctors and have told me vitamins are a waste of time/money but, for me, I know I rarely catch a cold and haven't had one that's lasted longer than a day (in years) when I'm consistently taking my daily vitamins. That's good enough for me to stay with my routine no matter how healthy I'm eating or if I'm counting calories or not. YMMV.