Starting a 200+ pound weight loss journey



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    I wish you the best of luck! While there's no one size fits all method to this, here's a few simple things that helped me initially. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and have a new goal of another 30 pounds. Maybe a few of these tips can help:

    1- No added sugar. Ever. No sugar substitutes. Nothing. Nada. I get my sweet fill from strawberries and blueberries.
    2- No refined or processed carbohydrates and no grains. The only exception is real steel cut oats in the morning (not the quick cook). I will have half a sweet potato a few times a week on the days I have long cycling rides planned. The rest of my carbs come from vegetables and limited portions of fruits.
    3- Eliminate the beaten into your head idea that every meal should have a meat, starch, vegetable, and bread.
    4- Create meal plans and shop for the week. Shop on a full stomach. No "maybe I'll try some of that as well" at the grocery store. Stick to your meal plans.

    5- this one isn't as "simple" but it was a necessity I had to do: I disassociated myself from people who weren't going to be supportive or led a lifestyle that was counterproductive to what I was trying to achieve. I told my family and friends what I was doing and asked for their support. I gave up alcohol which meant happy hours and social gatherings were limited. I've lost some friends while inspiring other friends. I joined a few MeetUp groups and made an entirely new set of friends.

    6- Lastly, I went and saw a therapist to deal with the mental side of this. I know most don't like to open up but I wanted to get to the root of my emotional eating. It opened up deep wounds I had blocked out but boy, did I begin to feel happy who I was and it helped tremendously.

    I wish you nothing but the best!
  • Peloton73
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    I forgot one more thing which my therapist suggested (i.e. ordered): no more food rewards when I met goals. We have a tendency to reward dieting goals with splurging or treating ourselves. I had to rewire my brain that I shouldn't reward myself for something I should be doing all along. Instead, my reward is a CD download off iTunes or a trip to the movie theater (I sneak in my own guacamole and celery sticks and avoid the snack stand).. It costs the same as a food reward and I feel better.
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    Be sensible. Be consistent.

    Find some support. This thing you are trying to do is so much easier with a few like minded folks who get the proverbial "It".

    That group has people at all stages of BIG loss...from daunted "Befores" to some fairly amazing "Afters", and lots and lots of "Durings", like me.

    Good luck.

    Log every day. Drink water. Sleep well. Move as much as you are able. And we will see you in the After pictures before you know it!
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    Congrats on joining the rest of us who struggle through losing weight, but keep on trying.
    I started the last week of May and have been happy with my progress so far. The hardest part of my journey has been to force myself, each and every day out the door to go walking. I was so out of shape I felt just like you, in pain and out of breath. My walks started out at only 15 minutes and they were painful. But I kept at it and now I'm up to 45 minutes to an hour a day and I'm feeling fine.
    On another note, I eat 6 to 7 times a day. It's like I'm always eating, but I have found that keeping healthy snacks and food all ready in the fridge, and snacking, keeps me from getting hungry and then totally blowing it. The first two weeks were the hardest, but each week has gotten better as I keep working at it.
    Don't give up, we are all here to cheer you on.
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    "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

    Get it girl!

    I'm just getting started this week. Feel free to friend request me (or anyone else getting started as well). We can start together!
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    peloton let me say wow! i like what you had to say thanks!:happy:
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    You can do this and dont be afraid to lean on those here for support!
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    You can do this. And we'll be right here cheering you on. :-)
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    Include me... I'd love to take this journey with you. I can use the support as well. I had a terrible time quitting smoking but
    you can't stay away from food. With smoking I say to myself "just say no" It's easier to not do it than it is to try to quit again.
    We can't say no to food. I love food!! I love vegetables and all the good stuff but I love sugar as well. It is so hard... But we can
    do it if we are here for each other. I wish you well, lets just take one day at a time.One meal at a time.
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    You're welcome to add me :) currently working towards losing about 180 total. I have an open diary and try to be as active as possible with my friends.
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    Your post is very inspirational. Always put yourself first!! I made the mistake too many times in the past that I wanted and needed to lose weight for everyone else in my life, but what is working this time is, I am losing weight for myself. You can do this!! It is not going to be easy at all, but in the end, every struggle will be worth it!
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    I'll be praying for you . I know you can do it....god bless ya dear....
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    I am new as well and also tired of being tired. I started out at 357 and am slowly taking it off, 8 pounds so far. The important thing is that we are here and are wanting to become healthy. Looking forward to our journey!

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    Welcome, I find this site to be extremely helpful and has really kept me on track. Feel free to friend me, we have similar goals. Good luck!
  • Congratulations. Deciding that you want to change is the most important part. My advice is not to focus on the 200+ pounds. Just focus on getting things going in the right direction. You don't want to make things any more daunting than they need to be. There will be obstacles. There always are (for everyone). Be happy that you are now on the road to being fit and healthy.
  • Hi, I am 66 years living in Australia and I have just started a few days ago, look forward to seeing your progress. I am finding this way of tracking and having online support very different from past attempts. I am unsure of how it all works at the moment, but I am going to persist. please add me as your friend. Happy journey.
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    Good for you!!! You are an inspiration. I just started myself. Have to lose 100 lbs. This website and these kind and smart people who contribute here are the most help I have ever had in trying to lose weight. I can't imagine that you have any experience or feeling on this journey that someone here hasn't had and can relate to. You are definitely not alone. Let everyone help you. I suspect you haven't done much reaching out over the years, I certainly haven't, for all kinds of reasons. But now I get it that we are all in the same boat. All human hearts are the same. We all want the same things. So join the family. And welcome to what will probably be the greatest success and learning experience of your life. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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    Feel free to friend me......I've been where your at.and I will help you the best way I secret weapon was...(Richard Simmons)! Sweat in to the oldies collection. He is fabulous....:smile:
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    2. Stop drinking soda. All soda. Not trading regular for diet because that always brings me right back to regular somehow.
    4. Start walking each day. Stop asking others to go get the mail. (I like to act like it's too far to get the mail. It's not, I'm just lazy)
    5. Stop asking others to do stuff for me an get things for me.

    I'm not giving up this time.

    I am quoting your words back at you because those are some of the things I decided to do that really helped me. Another one was to walk. I started out just walking a little, just a few minutes. Then more, a mile a day, maybe 6 miles a week. Now I weigh under 200 and I walk 5 miles 5 days a week. It has taken more than a year to work up to that!

    My max was 300. But I lost it in fits and starts over years. I am so impressed with you. I think you are so brave! Good for you for getting started!!!

    I'm sending a friend request. I hope you'll accept it.
  • Currently at330 from350 will begin my journal and mailwalk andwalkingtomorrow. Ielieve my carb reduction contribited to this loss along with house cleaning exercise isminimal will increase once i getavcr for exercise tapes. Moderate but promising changed from redmeat to turkey burgers andwholewheat wraps helps digestion better. Candid effect.