Is oatmeal an ideal breakfast to lose weight?

Rags_91 Posts: 15 Member
I absolutely love oatmeal and would eat it every day if it was the most beneficial to my weight loss compared to other breakfast foods.

Is oatmeal a good meal to stick with for weight loss?

Usually I do put in banana slices, blueberries, some cinnamon, honey and even some PB every once in awhile.


  • BombshellPhoenix
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    There are no specific foods for weight loss. The only thing that will halt your weight loss efforts is any food eaten in a surplus, so enjoy :)

    I love oatmeal. I put granola and pb2 in mine . Here's a good read too!
  • ChelseaWelseyKins
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    Oatmeal is a GREAT idea for weight loss. It's filling, delicious, and full of vitamins and fiber. Go for it :)
  • SnuggleSmacks
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    While there is no such thing as "ideal" foods, oatmeal has protein and lots of fiber. Fiber will help you feel full and is good for your digestive system. Also, oatmeal is delicious with Nutella.

  • riirii93_
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    When I lost 50 lbs (forever ago) I usually had either a bowl of oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or a bowl of kashi go lean cereal w skim milk for breakfast everyyy day! oatmeal is awesome
  • SnuggleSmacks
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    Oatmeal also lets you add all sorts of flavorings for relatively few calories. I sometimes add half a scoop of my favorite protein shake or some PB2...or a little honey and cinnamon. Flax or chia seeds, various nuts, nut butters, herbs and spices, could even add savory herbs and a little goat cheese if you aren't in the mood to go sweet.
  • Peloton73
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    Steel cut oats with a half cup of blueberries. That's it. No added sugars (aside from what comes from the blueberries). I also do a half cup of egg whites with one tablespoon of salsa over top.

    I don't view oatmeal as a weight loss food but rather as a general health food. There are many benefits in plain oatmeal but I don't view it as a magic fat burner. My approach to weight loss is not about the pounds but rather having a healthy heart, lungs, and circulatory system. The pounds dropping are a by product of that.
  • franksco22
    Yes it can be part of a healthy diet as long as minimal sugar is added. Personally, I just add blueberries and a few banana slices for natural sweetness! :)
  • wigglypuff
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    Oatmeal makes a very simple and affordable breakfast for weight loss. There are other options out there, but having oatmeal every morning will bring positive results for your health. Try adding fruits and honey to sweeten it if you'd like :)
  • monolith66
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    Oatmeal is just a good breakfast in general, especially when you add a scoop of your favorite whey protein.
  • Swiftlet66
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    It's filling and good for you, so why not? I like to soak mine overnight in coconut/almond milk with some dried fruits and occasionally baked/mashed sweet potato or carrots. Yogurt makes it thick and creamy. I'm totally obsessed with oatmeal lately.
  • chrisdavey
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    oats are probably my favourite food :smile:

    choc/peanut/cinnamon oats with banana and dark choc tim tams. Highly recommended