Have you ever ___________?



  • BzNova
    BzNova Posts: 66 Member
    Been shot at..no

    Ever drank moonshine?
  • borst13
    borst13 Posts: 1,826 Member
    HYE got knocked up at a truck stop...?
  • BzNova
    BzNova Posts: 66 Member
    well now that i think about it.....haha

    no.. sadly, all my children were conceived in a barn..

    HYE seen somebody you knew in a store, but just kept walking because you looked like a hot mess?
  • BUTIgirl212516
    BUTIgirl212516 Posts: 193 Member
    yesssss. with peanut butter. BEST THING EVER
  • ChelseaWelseyKins
    ChelseaWelseyKins Posts: 272 Member

    HYE... fallen off a bike in front of people and just walked away from it?
  • Yes I have crashed in races and broken bones. Lots of scars. Hit by car, spit on, chased by dogs, cursed, run off the road, ticketed whilie riding a bike, threatened by law enforcement for riding a bike.

    Have you ever taken public transportation for a long period of time.
    GDLAZ Posts: 3,785 Member
    No, public transportation isn't even available where I live.

    HYE broke down in the middle of nowhere and not know how you'll get home?
  • kacesera
    kacesera Posts: 28
    Nope! No car yet. Hopefully that never happens!

    HYE fallen head over heels down a flight of stairs?
  • scrapalooza
    scrapalooza Posts: 335 Member
    Not so far

    HYE done a flip on the couch & then said I am superman!
    (my 12 yr old wants to know lol!)
    GDLAZ Posts: 3,785 Member
    Maybe in my younger days. Now I'd either hurt myself, the couch, or both. :smile:

    HYE gone sky diving?
  • azymth99
    azymth99 Posts: 122 Member

    HYE been hit on by your SO's mother (father)?
  • amethyst7986
    amethyst7986 Posts: 223 Member
    No, but yes by their grandfather

    HYE Been hit on by a coworker?
  • Leather_N_Lace
    Leather_N_Lace Posts: 518 Member
    Yes.. Started out with complimenting my eyes... We were both married, so no..

    HYE showed up to work with two different color shoes on that were the same style.
  • ChasingMyBliss
    ChasingMyBliss Posts: 803 Member

    have you ever gone whitewater kayaking?
  • gmoneycole
    gmoneycole Posts: 813 Member

    HYE water skied nekkid?
  • emily889
    emily889 Posts: 296 Member
    No but want to!

    Have you ever been in an eating contest?
  • ChasingMyBliss
    ChasingMyBliss Posts: 803 Member
    no... but topless.... without realizing it!! oops!

    Too slow!

    Never been in an eating contest.

    Ridden a zip line?
  • whovian67
    whovian67 Posts: 608 Member
    NO but I watched a little guy eat 60 hot dogs and buns soaked in water - made we want to puke

    HYE played naked horseshoes?
  • whovian67
    whovian67 Posts: 608 Member
    @Emily889: No Eating contest

    @chasingmyblis: Yes Zip line