When do you Shower?

RhineDHP Posts: 1,025 Member
I was reading Dear Abby and the poster wanted to know when the "right" time to shower was. Abby answered that it was pretty much based on one's lifestyle and preference.

For me, it's in the morning, because I like being squeaky clean straight from the get go. For my friend, it's at night because she feels she'll make her bed dirty.

So, what time do you shower?


  • YF92
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    In the morning. I'd shower 1-3 times a day (1 primary, the second and third is just to get rid of the sweat) depending on work. It's 40-45 celsius where I live and I work as an engineer so I'd definitely shower after coming from work. Then after the gym I'd take a light shower too.
  • MikeCrazy
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    How about any time you are dirty?
  • Lemongrab13
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    When Tibet is free!
  • willnorton
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    when people tell me i stink..... does swimmin in the crik count????
  • MsBetteDavis
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    I shower at night. Not that I get super dirty during the day, but I feel like I'm washing off the days grime, rather than sleeping in it all night and waiting until morning.

    Another reason is because I need a little extra time for my hair and if I wait until morning I'm too rushed.
  • Atrocity108
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    When it rains
  • JenAndSome
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    Mostly in the mornings after the gym. Sometimes I will take a second shower at night if I have had a particularly sweaty day or just need to shave and didn't have time in the morning. I can understand the bed thing, though. I just wash my sheets often.
  • kimnsc
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    After my morning workout and after my evening workout.
  • grillnchill
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    Morning before work or after exercise and at night before going to bed.
  • helenarriaza
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    At night. My mornings are way too chaotic and I can only do 1 thing at a time at 4am.
  • Lizzym911
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    Morning and night ????????
  • _MG_
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    At a minimum...night.

    That said - with working out morning and afternoon I often shower 2-3 times a day.
  • Xalifer
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    1 main shower in the morning and then any time throughout the day when I feel dirty or sweaty. (yeah.. that doesn't sound wrong at all. Oh well)
  • digitalbill
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    During the week:
    As soon as I wake up, I get the coffee going and then jump in the shower.

    At the gym, I take a shower before coming back to work.

    At home, right before bed, I take a shower.

    During the weekends it is a little more difficult depending on what I am doing. If we are doing a lot of work outside, I can take several a day or, if it is TOO hot, even stand under the hose. It can reach over 100 degrees here so a cold shower/hose is a safety thing.
  • BinaryPulsar
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  • ilfaith
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    Usually in the morning, after the gym or tennis. If I work out later in the day, I'll shower again after (unless it's something less sweaty, like Pilates).
  • ChelseaWelseyKins
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    In the morning and after a work out.
  • _John_
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    Depends on how frisky I'm feeling and what's available
  • goldmay
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    I usually shower at night, right after my workout.