Anyone from Canada ? If so where from!!



  • 365andstillalive
    365andstillalive Posts: 663 Member
    Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
  • melaniesilver76
    melaniesilver76 Posts: 231 Member
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    And possibly the only maritimer who doesn't like fish :laugh:

    I am just outside Halifax Nova Scotia and I hate seafood! So you're not alone. lol
  • PunkyDucky
    PunkyDucky Posts: 283 Member
    Here in London, Ontario <3
  • Jordan_Gregers
    Jordan_Gregers Posts: 35 Member
    The west end of Toronto - Runner's Paradise (High Park, Waterfront Trail, Humber Trail and so on and so on).
  • chivalryder
    chivalryder Posts: 4,391 Member
    The west end of Toronto - Runner's Paradise (High Park, Waterfront Trail, Humber Trail and so on and so on).

    Not enough hills to be a true runners paradise.

    Or is that cycling?

  • SandraJN
    SandraJN Posts: 304 Member
    Almost, I'm from Minnesota and have often been mistaken for Canadian because of the accent. It worked for me while in Europe during the '70's, when Americans were not very popular. I passed as Canadian!
  • Snail_Whale
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    Innisfail, Alberta!
  • michael1976_ca
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    Calgary just moved back from bc
  • pechepanda
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  • MaryLynn6210
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  • rados1
    rados1 Posts: 2 Member
    Victoria --and I need a mfp kick in the butt friend! 40 to lose--40 yrs old. Treadmill is in the garage...daughter/husband are needy...ugh...but I will get back to my running days darn it...I will run again!!!
  • Everburg16
    Everburg16 Posts: 101
    Oakville, ON (in the GTA), but I am originally from the US (O-H-I-O!). :)
  • :heart: :heart: yaaaaa Canada!!:heart::heart:
    Hey I'm new to myfitnesspal. I'm originally from Waterloo, Ontario and now i'm spending my days in Oakville, Ontario. If anyone has any inspiration to give please add me as a friend :smile:
    I decided I have to take a stand for my health, no excuses! Best of luck to you all on this journey of health and wellness.
  • FireStorm1972
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    Add me if you'se want 8)
  • hopeme3
    hopeme3 Posts: 1 Member
    Montreal but currently living in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
  • FrenchMob
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    Welland, ON
  • nicklippa
    nicklippa Posts: 31 Member
    Newmarket Ontario
  • andie56
    andie56 Posts: 2
    Im from Hamilton Ontario
  • yc4king
    yc4king Posts: 117 Member
    farm kid originally, Saskatoon, SK for the last 16 years.
  • Chameleone
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