First 5k!!!

On September 6th, my brother and I are going to do the Hit & Run 5k. If you didn't read my introduction post, I highly suggest you do. I am disabled and my brother is very heavy. I've tried to get him to do some work with me, but he's not interested. I did manage to talk him into this, though! Any tips? I'd love to hear about your experience... What to wear - ANYTHING! It is all helpful. There is water in this 5k as well - please help me out! :bigsmile:


  • JanieJack
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    Congrats Brittany! Even signing up for your first 5K is a huge step!

    What to wear? Do you have chafing issues? Have you walked that far before? For most folks a 5K will be just fine with a standard tshirt and workout shorts. I, myself, prefer technical fabrics once I get past about 5-6 miles because standard cotton chafes.

    What about training? are you doing couch-to-5K or some other training program?