Anyone gotten to goal and wanted to keep going?

Started at 230lbs. My goal was to be more fit and to lose about 60 pounds. Now that I"m here, it's not all I thought it would be so I am going to continue to try to lose weight while I build some muscle. As I am getting stronger my body is still changing but I'm not losing as much as I was. I honestly don't know what my goal is at this point. I'm a size 12, haven't been that in about 13 years and for so long that's all I wanted. Now that I am a 12 I want to be smaller. I set my ticker to 70 as a goal now..

Anyone BTDT? What advice do you have about continuing weight loss without a fixed goal? Do I have to have a number or will I know it when I see it?


  • PinkyPan1
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    Yep. I went on maintenance when I hit my goal and still lost and I am happier at this lower weight. I do not want to lose any more weight so now I need to make the necessary adjustments. I did not look like what I thought I would look like at my goal weight. But losing 6 more pounds has done the trick. Does that make sense?
  • Yup, last year I lost 60 pounds and maintained at 135 pounds for well over a year. Now I'm back on a new account ready to lose a little more fluff and get dow to about 120 :)
  • radmack
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    When I started I set my goal at 5%. Then went for 10%. After that, I set it for the next 10%. Before hitting that goal, I was finally able to admit how much weight I actually needed to lose. The number still makes me feel sort of sick if I think about it too much. At this point it is still an estimate.
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    yup - my goal was 50 lbs and then keep it off for 50 weeks before I turn 50... (I like when numbers match)...
    I hit the 50 - and see that I'm only 10 lbs away from being in the "healthy" range for my height - so I'm going to try for another 10...
  • dfranch
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    Oh yeah, started at 262. My goal was 199. once I hit it, my goal was 190, then 180, now it's 170 (20 lbs lighter than any time in my adult life). 3 lbs to go.
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    My feeling is " This is a lifetime commitment. Once we have our bodies where we want, then we go on a maintenence program, to make sure we stay where we want.
    The worse thing is to consider this a "diet ". All diets, once we go off of them has us going back to what we were !!

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    Count me in. Goal was 60, and I have lost 61. (47 of that since joining MFP)

    I think I am going for another 20...
  • smarieallen85
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    I reached my first goal and am now a few pounds away from my second. I know I won't be done there because I have some measurement goals now that won't be made...People are starting to tell me to stop losing weight. I think they're used to my signature big booty, but I'm gonna go for it I think!
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    Yes. My original goal weight was based on how I looked in my twenties when I worked out and worked a very physical job. When I reached it, I realized that I was missing quite a bit of muscle mass and the result was that I still had more fat to lose at that weight. So my current goal is to get rid of as much fat as possible while maintaining health (about 15 pounds under my original goal weight I believe) and then to pile as much muscle on as this old body will take. Which of course will be a very long, slow process.
  • Tanie98
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    No there yet but I woudn`t want to get too skinny and look gross
  • zilkah
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    Yes hit my goal of 120 last week. Shooting for 115 now.
    My goals beyond that will be with more muscle gain and no longer weight loss
  • JessicaEPope
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    I got down to 125lbs, from 172 at my highest. After that, I've pretty much maintained 128lbs for the last few years.

    Now I'm at the stage where I'd like to be fitter, so am going to classes (even though I'm terribly out of shape and feel quite embarrassed by how out of breath I get!). My main goal now is to get fit and healthy, and hopefully lose another 8lbs or so, to become a fitter, leaner me but more muscle on my body instead of being relatively slim but still jiggly!!
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    Yep. My concern, though, is how do I keep going and keep it healthy AND maintainable?
  • Chickaboo2014
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    yep first goal was 150

    then it was 135

    currently 125 on a good day

    would like to be 115

    then i think i am truly done :)

    No hurry to get there thought, summer is here and i have been indulging a little bit :) Hard work is for winter where beach bodies are made :)

    Agree! Started @ 162 with goal of 132 pounds. Hit that and hit 129 # yesterday . Ultimately 128 is where I should stop...we'll see.
  • ejohnson_ar
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    Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I need to be more relaxed with myself I guess. :) Thanks y'all. I'm a work in progress, that's for sure.
  • bwogilvie
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    I too set an initial goal of 45 lb. to lose, which would put me within the "normal" BMI range for my height. (I was 215, and set my goal to 170.) As I approached 170 I realized that I still had a fair amount of fat, and set the goal to 160. At that point, though I was getting leaner, I decided to move it down to 155. Now that I'm nearly there, I am not quite as lean as I want to be. I'm planning to maintain a very small deficit (150-250 calories a day) for 4-6 weeks and increase my strength training, to ensure that I don't lose any more muscle along with the fat. After that, I might transition to maintenance.

    Weight isn't actually the best gauge of overall fitness, but it's very easy to measure, so it serves as a good way to assess progress. At the end, though, it's body fat percentage (and placement), strength, endurance, and your own vanity that will be the best guides to where to stop. Unless you have a body image problem, of course, in which case you should listen to your doctor.
  • SingRunTing
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    My plan is to always have a goal. Whether its a new weight goal or new fitness goal while maintaining, I will always need a new goal. Without something to strive for, I will get complacent and will gain the weight back. So onward and upward (or should I say downward :tongue: )
  • Giddyduck
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    Good topic. I think it is good to set a large goal with mini goals that feel more attainable.

    My first goal was to lose forty pounds. I did that a few weeks ago (my ticker doesn't show the first 10 pounds). My actual weight goal was 150 although as I am getting closer (I am 155 now), I reset the goal for 140 which is what I graduated high school at. I am not sure if it is attainable. I like the progress and the process I am working through now....feels like it will stick. This is a lifestyle now.

    The first 40 took over a year. I also set rewards-skydiving for losing the 40 which I did. I have a tattoo planned for 150 and a hot air balloon ride for 140.
  • FindingAmy77
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    when I started out, I was 234. I wanted to get down to the me in my wedding picuters who weighed 165 and looked healthy and happy. Well once I hit that weight, I decided that single digits jeans sizes were a nice goal. Now I am just so close to being at a healthy weight according to weight charts and bmi charts that I can taste it. Plus I am seeing muscle definition. So I dropped my goal weight back to 144. My husband insists he doesn't want me any smaller than that and maybe I don't either. I really really want to have toned and defined my muscles so that is my ultimate goal. I think it is great to just see how it goes and how you feel about your body as you go down in weight and sizes. You will know soon enough.