In Honor of Robin Williams....



  • feralkitten1010
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    I don't think I can pick a favorite. This man was my childhood. RIP, sweet man.
  • Lemongrab13
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    In a sea of classic and magical Disney movies, this one was always my absolute favourite,

    The Academy's message "Genie, you're free." almost made me burst into tears.
  • amethyst7986
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    Bicentennial Man, Patch Adams, Mrs.Doubtfire and Aladdin..... "Genie, you're free"

    Oh and I can't forget "Mork and Mindy"

    I loved staying home from school to watch that show!
  • Lemongrab13
    Lemongrab13 Posts: 206 Member
    What Dreams May Come was another one.
    Amazing ...
  • lazra79
    lazra79 Posts: 36 Member
    What Dreams May Come.
  • meganjcallaghan
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    I watched "What Dreams May Come" (quite suitable, considering...) and ate a whole container of ice cream last night in tribute. It was glorious. I plan to watch a different one of my favs every night this week....

    Today - Dead Poet Society
    Wednesday - Good Will Hunting
    Thursday - Patch Adams
    Friday - Mrs. Doubtfire
    Saturday - Hook
    Sunday - Good Morning Vietnam

    I also need to watch the Fisher King at some point because people have recommended it and I never watched it. Also Insomnia since parts of it were filmed in my home town. I was working on cleaning up the old steam train station historic site for the summer with a co-worker down at the harbor and this sleezy looking dude came up and said "hey would you like to be in the mooooovies????". Of course our first thought was that the kind of movie he was talking about was the sort that might leave you with a disease or two....but then he specified they needed a few people to help them put "Alaskan Buslines" graphics over the "Greyhound" signs on some buses for this movie. Our boss encouraged us to go make some tax free money while he looked the other way and ate his lunch. lol.
  • johnprimeaux
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    I loved Moscow on the Hudson as a young man. I am still convinced he is part Russian from that movie. Timed just before perestroika, it was one of the movies that turned my head about 'people' of different cultures and nations. Before, I just believed the propaganda our government fed us: Russians were Pinko-Commies. After that movie, I realized they were people, just like me and not my enemy. So glad for that movie, because a few years later, I got to tour a Russian ship while I served in Norfolk. Traded a bunch of stuff with some Russian sailors - partied with them - all despite a communication gap the size of the Pacific and Europe.

    I think my son is more tore up about it than I am, but it's life. My brother served in the Army and had to post hundreds of suicide watches. He tells me it's the cowards way out. I am not being insensitive, just relaying the truth from someone that has seen this behavior hundreds of times. Folks that are successful leave so many people hurt and living with unanswered guilt - a very selfish thing. He has very valid points. We lost our sister to cancer, and he lost his mother to heart failure: we know what it was like to see someone try to live. Our family struggled to live, while others simply give up the struggle and lay the burden of their life onto the ones that loved them. Sad...very very sad.
  • BrotherBill913
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    Patch Adams
  • Chelsie_Cheney
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    Patch Adams and Jack, for sure!
  • joyfuljoy65
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    Bicentennial Man and Goooooood Morning Vietnam
  • Luke_I_am_your_spotter
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    Good Morning Vietnam
    Good Will Hunting
  • Alidecker
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    Good Will Hunting and Aladdin are my two favorites, but so many good ones.
  • Jack, Hook, and Jumanji. He flew out to the Truman during my 2004-2005 deployment and he was a hoot. Such a wonderful man and the comedy world will never be the same without him.
  • thepandapost
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    The one that made the biggest impact in my life was Aladdin, childhood memories that will always make me smile... nobody else could make that character, Robin made Genie.


    RIP Robin, thank you for all of the wonderful movies/characters that you created and the world has definitely had a great loss with losing you.

    Couldn't agree more.
  • kbeckley11
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    Absolutely my favorite is Dead Poets Society.

    I also love Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, & Aladin.
  • Italianma7
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    Dead poets society and good will hunting.
  • blukitten
    blukitten Posts: 922 Member
    Sad, sad day. What a great actor!

    Loved all of his films

    All of his voice work- Genie- aladdin

    what dreams may come

    Patch Adams

    Dead Poets Society

    Good Will Hunting

    Hook-- Love this one still

    Mrs Doubtfire - this one too

    Jumanji- this one too

    The Birdcage- this one too!

    These are all my favorites!!
  • neenaof4
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    Hook, Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Dead Poet's Society, -- I really like them all!!
  • amcook4
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    Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin
  • jmcdonald2011
    jmcdonald2011 Posts: 181 Member
    He was one of my favorite actors

    this weekend I plan to watch a movie or two. my top favorites are

    the birdcage
    patch adams
    good will hunting
    dead poets society
    one hour photo