Heavy Lifting Progress Picture!

I would describe myself as your quintessential yo-yoer. I have struggled with my weight since I was 15 and have never found something that is sustainable for my lifestyle.

Before I moved to NYC (and inherited an uber stressful job), I used MFP to teach myself how to eat and counted calories - it totally worked! I lost 26lbs in 2 months (so unrealistic, but I was not complaining)! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sustain it for more than a year and the pounds started creeping back on.

I kept going back to what had worked for me in the past (strict calorie counting), but for whatever reason this didn't work for me. At all. I kept gaining weight and got discouraged.

Enter: Heavy Weight Lifting. I got on a program on Fitocracy doing reverse pyramid training, 3 days a week with a focus on lifting heavier and hitting personal records. I love a good goal and it's been very motivating to have weekly goals to aim for plus a PLAN when I go to the gym. Plans are great. Coupled with a diet that carb cycles, I've gotten very strong, lost 5 inches on my waist and 4 inches on my hips - I could not be happier!

Best part:? It's all been a non scale victory! I HAVEN'T LOST A SINGLE POUND.

Progress over 4 months:



  • coquinat
    coquinat Posts: 49 Member
    Incredible! Very inspiring!!
  • sweetcurlz67
    sweetcurlz67 Posts: 1,168 Member
    WOW!! great job!
  • Well done. I too have lifted weights for the past 3+ months with no weight loss but considerable slimming and muscle gain. Keep it up.
  • SeptemberLondon
    SeptemberLondon Posts: 151 Member
    Fantastic progress!!
  • maroonmango211
    maroonmango211 Posts: 908 Member
    Way to go, an amazing success! Picture proof that weight isn't the most important/only factor in looking good and being healthy.
  • Omoe11
    Omoe11 Posts: 235 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good work !
  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 439 Member
    Looking GREAT! There is such a difference all over but most notably in the armpit area. WTG! :smile: :smile:
  • sarahleelee
    sarahleelee Posts: 79 Member
    I can thank bench presses for my brand new armpits! Thank you :)
  • nomorebingesgirl2014
    nomorebingesgirl2014 Posts: 379 Member
    So happy i read this post x
  • TinaBaily
    TinaBaily Posts: 822 Member
    I have been considering adding some serious lifting to my regimen. Your post decided me. You have done very well! I hope to see similar results.
  • Sharon_C
    Sharon_C Posts: 2,133 Member
    Wow. Love the change. It just goes to prove that the scale isn't the only way to measure progress. Great job!
  • nolabone
    nolabone Posts: 117 Member
    Get it killer! I've never checked out fitocracy, but am about to. Thanks for sharing!
  • BigLifter10
    BigLifter10 Posts: 1,151 Member
    Awesome work!!! Isn't it amazing when something so simple (weight training) makes ALL the difference? Of course nutrition matters, but when you see those lifting results, it just motivates a person.

    Reminds me, I need to take some progress pics as it has been about six months since the last ones. No budging on scale (and gave up on that about three/four months ago). Clothes are the biggest indicator for me.

    Keep up the great work....and yeah, the armpits are coming along nicely - it's amazing the places that fat can lock itself up in, isn't it!?!
  • Sthere
    Sthere Posts: 59 Member
    You look amazing! I think I need your help! Lol